Kendall Brand

Covidien has earned significant fame for its medical supplies and equipment. It creates and promotes a wide range of medical products, including wound care, nursing care supplies, monitoring products, incontinence supplies, and urological care products.

Kendall is one of its reputed industry brands and has become a leading manufacturer of clinical and medical products. The Kendall Brand is a reliable producer and distributor of disposable medical devices and supplies.

Kendall Covidien

Kendall products are extensively used in diverse clinical settings such as health care facilities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, caregivers, rehabilitation centers, and homes, all over the world. Covidien Kendall has significantly expanded its range of medical offerings. At present, a great number of healthcare experts prefer using its products and devices in almost all areas of hospitals and healthcare settings. The following list includes a few commonly used Kendall products:

  • Energy devices, such as electrosurgical products and ablation products.
  • Safety products, such as syringes, needles, and other disposable products.
  • Monitoring devices, including monitors, temperature management devices, and sensors.
  • Ventilation devices, including breathing systems, airway products, and ventilators.
  • Surgical products, such as thermometry products, chart paper, operating room devices and accessories, and electrodes.

There are various classes of Kendall products. For instance, Kendall curity products include urinary leg bags, gauze sponges, varied cleaners, nasogastric feeding tubes, cotton rolls, dressing tape and dressing pads. Most of these items are based on special absorbent technology that ensures great comfort, rapid healing, and healthy recovery. On the other hand, Kendall TED hose supplies are designed for patients who suffer from venous thrombosis.

Catheters, urinary leg bags, and bedside drainage bags are included in Kendall Dover products. The Kendall Brand is trusted by healthcare experts, physicians, and patients for its high-quality products and reliable services. It enjoys a prominent position in the medical industry. Covidien Kendall is widely recognized for its efficient and high-tech manufacturing operations.





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