Allevyn Wound Care

Wound care and healing are methodical, chemical and biological processes that require useful medical products along with extreme care. Since there are multiple kinds of wounds where each has its individual characteristics, dressing selection becomes a great medical challenge.

While some wounds are deep and require acute medical attention, others are superficial and can be maintained by simple dressing. Wound healing becomes much easier with effective dressing and medical care.

Allevyn Foam Dressing

It can be a challenging task to dress and heal chronic wounds. These wounds have to be properly dressed and covered since they produce exudates and are prone to be infected. Caring for chronic wounds gets easier with Allevyn wound healing dressings. Allevyn wound care dressings are made of highly absorbent foam and can cater to a variety of wounds.

Allevyn adhesive dressing has a special coating of a low-allergy adhesive material that adheres to the skin without damaging the wound. It completely absorbs the thick and sticky exudate released by the wound in polyurethane foam. By doing so, it prevents the skin from irritation and allergy. Allevyn foam dressing is greatly recommended by medical experts as it ensures minimal pain, utmost comfort and good wound closure.

Allevyn wound care products come in adhesive and non-adherent forms. The adhesive version ensures effective fixation. Due to their tapered structure and thin edges, they create an appropriate healing environment that provides rapid wound closure. Furthermore, the outer layer of the Allevyn wound dressing is quite breathable and helps conserve necessary moisture within its microscopic structure.

Allevyn dressing creates an efficient wound environment that expedites the healing process. Above all, a patient doesn’t need regular dressing changes as its liquid management system prevents development of bacteria. Since they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are able to prevent medical complications and promote rapid wound healing.



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