Elastikon Tape

Proper wound care is never complete without useful and versatile medical products. Medical tape is a product that is particularly designed to close wounds and keep bandages in place. These tapes are available in a range of lengths, widths, sizes and types that are able to cope with different bandaging needs. While some tapes are more breathable, others are thick and smooth.

Elastikon Elastic tape is a flexible tape that until recently was manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. Johnson and Johnson’s wound care line was acquired by Systagenix this year. This elastic tape involves natural rubber in its dry form. It can easily be applied to any kind of wound dressing.
Elastikon Tape

Johnson and Johnson closely understands  medical needs for wound dressings. They are a manufacturer of therapeutic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, surgical, and diagnostic products. Elastikon tape helps to exert controlled and continuous pressure on wounds that drain blood, pus, or any other fluid. A majority of health care experts suggest using this tape where wound dressings require pressure as well as elasticity. Elastikon is an ideal medical tape that supports strapping, shoulders, elbows, knees, fractures and muscle injuries.

Johnson and Johnson’s elastic tape is thick and smooth and also allows the skin to breathe. Its porous structure helps the skin maintain adequate levels of moisture and supports rapid wound healing. It involves bi-directional elasticity that offers great comfort and peace of mind to a person. Exceptional adhesion, incomparable strength, and absorbent material; Elastikon has the perfect elements to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. It can be easily used on body parts where other tapes cannot possibly reach. For instance, you can conveniently use this tape on your knees, shoulders, and elbows.

A red line on Elastikon tape allows for uniform pressure and application. You can easily remove this elastic tape because of its rubber-based adhesive. Elastikon provides gentle support, compression, and comfort to an individual.


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