AirLife Incentive Spirometer

Incentive spirometers are special medical devices that are designed for people who want to improve the working of their lungs. Most healthcare experts recommend this medical apparatus to individuals whose lungs do not function properly. It is also ideal for patients who intend to recover from any kind of rib injury. By using a spirometer, such patients can prevent the development of fluids in their lungs. This device is particularly useful for people who like to play wind instruments as it gives them an opportunity to enhance their airflow.

AirLife Incentive SpirometerAirLife incentive spirometer is disposable medical equipment that can help you perform breathing exercises and determine volume flow. If you have had cardiac or any other type of surgery lately, then you may need to use an AirLife spirometer to improve your respiratory function. These spirometers are made of latex-free and sturdy plastic material. You can easily measure volume flow as these incentive spirometers have dual-sided calibrations. It has a flow indicator dial that shows your flow rate in ml/second.

In order to use a spirometer, you should sit as straight as you possibly can. Hold your spirometry device straight or place it on a table. Keep your lips around its mouthpiece and breathe out as you normally do. Breathe in gradually and lift the blue piston. Remove the spirometer’s mouthpiece only when you can’t breathe in anymore. You should hold your breath for as long as your doctor suggests.

AirLife spirometer allows you to constantly monitor your progress so that you can easily follow the prescribed medical treatment. It helps you perform breathing therapies and prevents breathing complications. AirLife incentive spirometer is an easy-to-use medical device. It is important to perform breathing exercises as regularly as your doctor prescribes. This helps you avoid medical problems like pneumonia. Never share your AirLife spirometer with other individuals to prevent cross-contamination.


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