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Air Mattress Options

Air mattresses for hospital beds provide patients with greater comfort and improved circulation. The continuous air pressure change in this hospital mattress allows the patients to feel rather fresh as it promotes fluid and blood flow. Thus, circulation is improved and waking and turning are eliminated.

A hospital bed air mattress is better than other beds for many reasons. These do not only provide comfort to the patient but also aid the nursing staff at the same time. Medical-use air mattresses can help nurses in identifying and gauge patients at risk, regardless of their experience in the field.

There is a huge variety of air mattress brands that you could choose from like SpanAmerica, Huntleigh, Invacare and Roho, etc. Following are a few air mattress options provided by these brands.

Invacare Supply Group Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress Replacement System

Invacare Supply Group Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress Replacement System features an 8 mattress restoration system helps greatly in pressure ulcer treatments. The pump includes an adjustable comfort range, clip-on hanger, a static function for alternating mode suspension and visible low and normal pressure indicators.

Invacare Supply Group Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress Replacement System

Alternating Pressure Mattress

The cycle time of this hospital air mattress is 8 minutes with a pressure range of 30 to 80 mmHg. There are 20 interchangeable and 8 individual polyurethane/nylon air bladders for easy maintenance and cleaning. The securing straps and slip-resistant mat at the mattress base offer additional safety. Also, the water resistant, vapor permeable cover easily zips off for convenient cleaning.

SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress

SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress

Pressure Guard Mattress

The SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress is designed for addressing skin weakening due to unnecessary moisture which is also known as maceration. This hospital mattress does not lose inflation during power outages and its firm surface doesn’t allow users to be swallowed up. Unlike other hospital bed mattresses, the Safety Edge on the SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress will not collapse, making transfers rather easier along with making the user feeling not to hot or cold.

The SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress is used among patients with excessive maceration which leads to skin breakdown development. Patients with a tendency to suffer from maceration stemming from an ulcer can greatly benefit from this mattress as it also provides prevention for individuals facing a high skin breakdown risk.

Air mattresses for hospital beds are great for a busy office as it allows nurses to maintain consistency along with the ability to determine patient outcomes as these hospital mattresses allow them to notice risks at a rather early stage, taking the best steps in preventative care.



Detecto Dr Scales

Detecto Dr ScalesAs guarantors of health, we have always been looked upon by patients for providing them with utmost care and accurate results (be it test results or weight readings). And when you’re looking for a scale that can provide you with the most accurate and reliable results, we can surely say that Detecto scales are the way to go.

Detecto physician beam scales are strong, reliable, and durable. A number of these models include BMI measurement, wheels, and height rods – some of these have displays at eye-level. The Dr. Scales by Detecto do not only provide assistance to personnel of the medical profession, but also allow individuals easy access to their weight readings at home.

The wheels fitted in these beam scales make them easier to transport from one place to another,making them perfect for clinic and home use. The steel bars and die-cast beam ensures longevity that lasts for several years due to its durable nature. The aluminum black insert makes readings easily readable from either side. The error-free readings generated by these strong bars stem from the device’s heavy-duty understructure.

With a history of scale manufacturing that dates back to the early 1900s, Detecto Scales have been trusted by physicians from all over the country as they provide medical practitioners with the professional accuracy that is much needed in their field of work.

A majority of physicians recommend Dr. Scales simply due to the quality and precision these beam scales have to offer. Also, you can easily get your hands on these efficient and durable scales at discounted rates that are quite affordable as well. By logging on to an online store for medical supplies, you can view a wide range of Detecto scales that ensure comfort and ease for the patients and physicians.