Disabilities and Mobility Assistance

Disabilities can make people dependent on others to assist them with the most basic physical activities. However, during the summer especially, people may want to become more mobile.

With the invention of disability products, your disabled loved ones can go out and enjoy the summer with greater ease. Some essential summer supplies for disabled people are wheelchairs, leisure aids and other mobility products. 


Invacare MVP Wheelchair

MVP is the premier folding chair in the manual wheelchair line.


Wheelchairs are one of the most basic pieces of disability equipment, providing both seating and mobility benefits. Reclining chairs even provided back support while the user rests. Other types of wheelchairs are:

  • Tilt (tilts the user while keeping the hips in position)

  • Bariatric (for people with significant amount of weight)

  • Pediatric (for children)

Wheelchairs can be both mechanical and automated.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility ScootersMobility scooters allow disabled people to carry on with activities like shopping, meeting friends, and walking the dog. They are usually cheaper than automated wheelchairs, and can simply be charged at home.

Moreover, scooters require less physical strength than regular wheelchairs, and they have swiveling seats to assist the user when getting off the machine. Most importantly, these scooters are easy to use and only go up to 4 mph to avoid serious accidents.

Leisure Aids

Leisure AidsFinally, we have leisure aids that can go along with other disability products or other furniture in the house to help those with mobility problems. For instance, you have the car caddie that provides the necessary support to get out of a vehicle. Along similar lines there is the couch cane that helps disabled people get up from a sofa, particularly those who have low physical strength.

These were just a few supplies for disabled people available in the market today which provide them physical support and also give them a sense of independence.

One response to “Disabilities and Mobility Assistance

  1. Disability products are helpful for disabled people who are suffering from mobility impairment and different conditions.

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