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How to Use an Acapella Flutter Valve

Hindrance in breathing can cause a lot of uneasiness for a person. Many people suffering from COPD and cystic fibrosis face difficulty in breathing as their lungs are filled with mucus and are unable to function properly. Such patients use the Acapella device to clear their lungs of mucus to facilitate easy breathing.

A Flutter Valve – What It Does and How It Works

A flutter valve will help clear your lungs by using positive pressure or PEP therapy as well as airway vibrations. This will regulate the movement of mucus and transfer it from peripheral airways to bigger central airways where it can be easily coughed out.

The flutter device consists of a cone shaped valve that has a tiny steel ball in it. When you exhale into the Acapella valve, the ball will start moving up and down causing your airways to vibrate. Moreover, exhaling against resistance will create a positive pressure that will help clear out your lungs and ease your breathing.

Two types of Acapella Flutter Valves are available in the market. The green valve is the high flow flutter valve which is designed for patients who are able to exhale 15 liters every minute or more for about three seconds. The blue valve is the low flow flutter valve and is created for patients who can exhale less than 15 liters each minute.

Acapella Flutter Valve Instructions

The flutter device is very easy to use. First, you breathe in and out of the device five times at regular intervals. Then you repeat this again, but this time very slowly so that your exhalations are three times as long as your inhalations. You can then alternate between quick and slow breathing, holding your breath for 2-3 seconds after every exhalation.

When you have repeated this exercise 5-6 times and have not coughed yet, try coughing to expel any mucus present. Keep doing this exercise until no more mucus can be expelled. The entire exercise takes around 10-20 minutes and will clear out your lungs properly.