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Coban Wrap Uses

Coban Wrap UsesCoban is a special type of compression bandage that sticks to itself excellently. However, it does not stick to any other material or surface.  It is made up of a porous polyester material that consists of numerous elastic fibers.

A coban wrap does not cause any discomfort to the patient because it does not adhere to their skin. Yet it still remains firm, and does not get loose with time.


There are many coban wrap uses. A few are mentioned below.

  • A coban wrap is used for treating leg ulcers and controlling edema. In some cases, unna boots are also used with coban wraps to treat ulcers.
  • If a patient is bleeding profoundly, his injury can be wrapped up in a coban dressing. This prevents blood flow and may also heal the wound.
  • Athletes may use a coban wrap as a protective measure when they are on the playing field. They can also use this compression bandage wrap for providing support to their feet, ankles, legs or knees.
  • A coban wrap is also used for bandaging pets and animals because it does not stick to their fur or hair. Hence, it can easily be removed when the animal has been treated.
  • Swollen areas can be treated with a coban wrap because it improves circulation in the body.
  • Hospitals also use coban wraps for a variety of purposes such as affixing monitors and securing IVs and catheters.


A few precautions must be carried out when using coban wraps.

  • Do not wrap a coban dressing tightly. Doing so will just disrupt normal circulation in the body.
  • A coban wrap has a high degree of cohesiveness, and so it does not loosen up with time. This is why a certain amount of tension must be applied to the bandage before wrapping it up.
  • Natural rubber may be present in coban wrap so some patients may suffer an allergic reaction.