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How Insulin Pumps Can Simplify Your Life

Insulin pumps helps keep your diabetes under control and help you keep from spiking in your blood sugar levels so that you find yourself constantly adjusting your lifestyle to match your insulin injections and your response to such. The pump is designed to constantly monitor your glucose level and administer varying levels of insulin to keep you in your target range. This even works in your sleep so you don’t wake up with the “diabetic” feeling and the need to alter your blood sugar immediately.

minimed insulin pumps

MiniMed Insulin Pump


One of the biggest advantages of the insulin pump is that you can exercise without having to eat as many carbohydrates. This Diabetes Supply can easily monitor your blood sugar level and keep you in the right range during your workout. It might take a little while to calibrate everything perfectly with your medical team, but once you are dialed in you will be able to exercise as you like.

More Accurate than Injections

With standard injections you are somewhat “guessing” what you need based on your information. The Insulin Pump can deliver small amounts of insulin until you get to where you need to be. This keeps you from overdoing insulin and alleviates the need to correct quickly with food. You have much smaller “sings” so you don’t experience the lag in energy or the mood swings that come with glucose changes. You should be able to avoid sever blood glucose levels entirely with an insulin pump.

Flexibility in your Eating Schedule

You have much more flexibility in your eating schedule with an insulin pump. You have such control over the dosage and the delivery that you can eat when you want to rather than just because you “need” to. This opens up the world of dining out with family and friends as well as allowing you to wait until dinner is ready instead of sneaking off to the kitchen for a snack. You should still try to be consistent but it isn’t as detrimental as it was before the insulin pump.

One Touch Ping Insulin Pump

Ping Glucose Insulin Pump

Disadvantages of Insulin Pumps

There are always a few negatives to go with the positive. You can experience weight gain when you use and insulin pump. Some of it has to do with the leveling out of your blood sugar and some of it has to do with the extra food you can eat. The insulin pump can also be expensive and you may have to spend a day in the hospital or outpatient facility for training. The pump is always hooked up so it is a bit more cumbersome than the injections, but you also don’t have to carry the cool packs with you, so this disadvantage might be considered a wash.

Overall the Insulin Pump tends to make a diabetic’s life easier. You can work with the doctors to truly discover your insulin requirements. In addition you can eat more of what you like and protect your health at the same time. The insulin pump is likely the best way to keep your diabetes under control.


What You Need to Know About Diabetes Insulin

The most common form of diabetes is called Type 2 as opposed to Type 1, called juvenile diabetes because it occurs in young people. Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with type 2 and many undiagnosed diabetics are unaware that they are at risk. More common in African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, and the elderly, it affects many and impacts their quality of life.

Diabetes Care

Two things have been identified as causes: the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Insulin enables the body to use glucose for energy. When the glucose is not processed by the insulin, it builds up in the blood and brings on diabetes complications.

Many Type 2 Diabetes patients are able to control their blood-sugar levels with medication and diet; however, many must have regular injections of insulin in order to remain stable and avoid diabetic crises, which can be deadly. Because insulin must be injected frequently, most doctors recommend that patients learn to do it themselves.

Hypodermic needles, sometimes called syringes, are used by medical professionals to inject liquid forms of medication or to remove fluids from the body. The barrel is typically plastic or glass with marks for measuring fluid. Most such needles or syringes are plastic nowadays and disposable. Besides being safer, the plastic syringes seal better than glass between the barrel and the piston.

The advantage glass syringes offer is that they are reusable. Glass syringes are rarely reused nowadays, thanks to the low costs associated with producing plastic ones, and there is always the danger of spreading diseases between patients. Intravenous drug users are prone to re-use syringes and thereby often spread HIV and Hepatitis.

The use of insulin syringes by diabetics is another thing. They are typically used by only one person, so the danger of spreading a disease is not a consideration. For diabetics, a standard U-100 insulin syringe is recommended.

Diabetes Treatment to Live a Normal Life

Syringes for self injection have special characteristics. For one thing, the needles are shorter since the injections are under the skin instead of into the muscle. They also have finer needles so the pain is not so great. The markings on these special syringes are for insulin units, making it easier to get the right dose.

Insulin syringes, unlike others, can be reloaded from a container after each use. Medicool Poucho CaseSince cross-infection is not an issue, this convenience is helpful to the insulin injector. An autoinjector is a spring-loaded syringe designed specifically for use by diabetics. The injection is usually into the thigh or buttocks. This is intended to make it easier for the diabetic to overcome a natural resistance or hesitation to self-injection.

The auto injector does not show its needle. It also has a safety device to keep it from firing accidentally. The user presses a button and the needle is inserted automatically and the insulin is delivered. Most auto injectors have a visual indicator so full dosage can be confirmed.

For a full range of supplies for the diabetic, including insulin travel cases, lancing devices, skin prep, test strips, control solution and monitoring systems, visit Vitality Medical’s website. The prices are low at Vitality Medical and patients have the convenience of online ordering with products delivered fast to their own doors.

Traveling with Diabetes

It is no secret at what a hassle it can be to manage your diabetes at times, especially when it comes to traveling. For the estimated 24 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, your upcoming vacation may seem like anything but – the preparation for your travel far exceeds the standard budgeting and lodging accommodations. Your planning and organization must be precise. The many diabetic supplies that you rely on are not always easy to keep track of and can be difficult to pack. Vitality Medical can help.

VitalityMedical carries products that can help you stay organized and keep your supplies safe, while you are away from home. For those who rely on insulin, transporting it can be tricky. Manufacturers of insulin recommend that you keep your insulin refrigerated to protect it from climate changes. This can be a daunting task while traveling. And keeping it cool is only one of the challenges. Insulin vials are not only fragile, but can be expensive to replace. While traveling it is important to keep them in a safe place.

It is imperative for those with diabetes to ensure that they have enough supplies to maintain their daily routine for the entire duration of the trip. This should include extra supplies, as it is not easy to find the supplies you will need while away from home. In additional to insulin or your oral medication, you will also need to bring your glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, syringes, glucose tablets, and anything else vital to your daily routine. This is where can help by providing you with a one stop supplier for your traveling requirements.

Medicool Dia-Pak Deluxe

Medicool Dia-Pak Deluxe

Vitality Medical carries the full line of Medicool Diabetic Supplies. including foot care accessories, diabetic socks, and diabetes carrying cases. Nothing offers a more complete storage solution than their Dia-Pak Deluxe. The Dia-Pak Deluxe is long term answer for your transportation needs. Medicool’s high-quality case carries up to two weeks of your supplies in a portable, water resistant enclosure. The nylon case features multiple pockets and storage compartments in it’s convenient design. The Dia-Pak Deluxe also includes an ever important ice pack to keep your insulin cool, no matter where your vacation takes you.

Medicool Protector Insulin Case

Medicool Protector Insulin Case

The Protector Insulin Case by Medicool also offers protection from both physical damage and heat; both of which can destroy your insulin. By allowing you to store your insulin directly in the ice pack, you can keep two vials cool for up to 16 hours – perfect for long flights and road trips. You also have the comfort of knowing that your insulin is protected by a solid container. Not only can the insulated case keep your insulin cool, it can keep it from freezing in cold temperatures as well.

Medicool D.I. Insulin Case

Medicool D.I. Insulin Case

Another great case made by Medicool is their, D.I. Insulin Case. Made to meet the appearance of a designer sunglass case, it weights a mere 4 ounces. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in convenience. The Medicool D.I. Case can carry two insulin vials, two syringes, and alcohol swabs. Better yet, it can fit in your purse or front pocket. Transporting your insulin has never been this discreet.

Medicool Wright Prefilled Syringe Case

Medicool Wright Prefilled Syringe Case

To transport pre-filled syringes, a more specialized container is needed. The Medicool Wright Prefilled Syringe Case is the perfect solution. The Prefilled syringe case holds the syringe plunger in an individual preset position with approximate dosage. This impact-resistant, polypropylene case offers piece mind while on the road and never has to leave your pocket.

Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets

Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets

Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets can be vital while traveling. It is comes in a durable, easy-to-carry travel tubes of 10 tablets, and refillable 50 packs – ideal for travel and home. The Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets fit just about anywhere.

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