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Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Giving gifts is a long time tradition of mankind. It is natural trait for us to send gifts to our beloved, whether family, friends, or co-workers. Often, when we choose gifts, we consider the personality of the recipients and what they need, which they do not have yet.

Roho Cushion

As we age, the presents we give to people change. Of course, it would be best to give age-appropriate gifts no matter the occasions. The elderly people for example, have different needs than the adults. It makes us happy knowing that our gifts are appreciated and beneficial. So, what could be the best gifts for the elderly?

Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Most elderly people have special needs based on their conditions. Because their bodies are not as vital as their youth years, they may need support or petty accessories that can make their lives easier and comfortable. Here are few of elderly gifts to consider:

  • Roho cushion. This type of cushion is unique. It is used for wheelchairs. It has single compartment, but it makes sitting on a wheelchair very comfortable. This cushion is highly recommended for high risk elderly. It comes in 4 inches with air cells that are interconnected, making it adjustable and slow to deform.
  • Over bed table. Another good idea for elderly gifts is the over bed table. There are several types of over bed table. The best one, however, is automatic because its height can be adjusted within the elderly’s reach. It is convenient for eating, writing, or reading.
  • Special socks. Specialized socks are also great gift ideas. These socks have non-slip feature. They have treads made of high quality combination of stretch yarns and acrylic to make the soles of the elderly warm and comfortable. Whether the elderly is a recovering patient or healthy, non-slip socks are among the best gifts for the elderly.
  • Bed rail. If safety is your concern, the bed rail is an excellent choice. These rails are installed beside the bed of the elderly to protect them from falling and provide handrail assistance when they want to get up.

Other perfect gift ideas include a reacher that acts like a cane but is used to reach objects, walker with headlights, talking alarm clock, picture-dial phone, personal sound amplifier headset, arising canes, and food and beverage warmers.



Buying a Meaningful Holiday Gift

Every year, millions of Americans spend approximately $700 on Christmas gifts for their friends and family. However, a large chunk of those gifts are often dictated by popular trends, advertising or “safe” selections that most people would enjoy. For example:Moist Heating Pad - Thermophore Hot Pack

  • In 2001, 78% of holiday shoppers purchased at least one electronic product as part of their gift giving.
  • Almost 60% of consumers purchase clothing and apparel as a gift for other adults.
  • Books, DVDs and gift cards are next in popularity when it comes to adult gift-giving.

It’s easy to see from the statistics above that most gifts are non-specific to the person receiving them.

Time and money are at a premium, so people often find ways to reduce the burden of Christmas shopping by waiting until the last minute to snag great deals or buying gifts in bulk. There are some easy ways to find personal, meaningful gifts that can be just as convenient but give that personal touch:

  • Shopping Online: Online shopping can be done any hour of the day, and any day of the week. Finding gifts with personal touches is easy online, because many specialty storefronts are available with search functions to narrow down your selection.
  • Useful Gifts: Entertaining gifts and luxury items are great, but when you give someone a useful gift it adds to their daily life. The recipient gains pleasure from it more than once, and will think of the giver each time they use it.
  • Lifestyle Gifts: Everyone enjoys a different lifestyle, which is what makes us all interesting in our own way. Finding gifts that reflect a person’s lifestyle not only signify that you are interested in their lives, but that you cared enough to take the time to learn more about it.
  • Timely Gifts: As people age, they go through different stages of life. Each stage is more suited to certain gifts more than others, and finding gifts that are age appropriate is a sign of consideration to the recipient.
  • Luxury Gifts: There are basic models of almost every item on the market, and then there are luxury models. Luxury items are typically made from higher quality ingredients, are better constructed and tend to last longer than inferior models. Most people, especially those on tight budgets, will get by with inferior items rather than spend the money on luxury goods. Giving a luxury item as a gift shows that you want a person to truly enjoy what you are giving them.
  • Something They Wouldn’t Buy Themselves: Everyone has seen something they liked, but couldn’t justify spending money for themselves. Purchasing gifts like these for others brings fun and excitement to a person’s life, because it is a treat that only you could give them.

With all the benefits of purchasing thoughtful gifts and the ease of online shopping, why wouldn’t you take a little more time to find some truly special items? Vitality Medical’s Online Store has a great selection of meaningful holiday gifts from which to choose, including the following:Arcoa Adjustable Folding Cane

  • Arcoa Adjustable Folding Cane: Your friend or loved one may already have a cane, but the adjustable folding cane from Arcoa has so many benefits that they wouldn’t mind having this one, too. This cane collapses easily to fold away into a bag or purse, and is attractively constructed in brass-tone metals and a dark wood handle.
  • Conair Pollenex Teak Spa Bench: Teak is a tropical wood that naturally resists mold, mildew and bacteria so it’s naturally suited to stands and furniture for use in bathtubs and showers. The Conair Pollenex Teak Spa Bench is an attractive way for aging adults to maintain stability and safety while bathing without the addition of unsightly plastic and rubber.
  • Battle Creek Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack

  • Battle Creek Moist Heat Pack: For friends and family who suffer from back aches, muscle spasms, arthritis or bursitis, or for those who simply seek a simple method for relaxation at home, the Battle Creek Thermophore Moist Heat Pack offers soothing moist heat for medical treatment and non-clinical uses alike. The automatic, pulsing heat helps to prevent burns if patients fall asleep, which they probably will due to the relaxing, detoxifying properties of this treatment.
  • Standers Bed Rail Advantage

  • Standers Bed Rail Advantage: Items that perform more than one task are like two gifts in one! The Standers Bed Rail Advantage is a sturdy bed rail to give weak or elderly individuals an extra hand while getting out of bed, but it also doubles as a simple, organized space for keeping books, reading glasses, magazines, remote controls and other items within arms length.
  • Drive Medical Exercise Peddler: Exercise is an important part of staying strong and healthy at any age. Give the gift of health with the Drive Medical Exercise Peddler, a stationary stand with two pedals that can be used to strengthen and tone the arms and legs. With no assembly required, compact portable construction and super simple operation, it’s perfect for any level of fitness within any space.
  • Infrared Foot MassagerHydraGel Infrared Massager : You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t enjoy a foot massage. The Dry Infrared Foot Massager gives a nice subtle massage without having to worry about tubs full of water or hand-held tools that can have a numbing effect.
  • Duro Med Lighted Magnifier: Reading is a simple pleasure for many, but aging adults might find it more of a challenge to see small print or pictures. The Duro Med Lighted Magnifier brings bright magnification to books of any kind to help increase print size and lighten up books in dim settings.
  • HoMedics Magnetic Wave Back Support

  • HoMedics Magnetic Wave Back Support: Back pain is common among all American adults, and sometimes simple hot and cold applications can keep it from interfering with the day. The HoMedics Magnetic Wave Back Support takes this basic therapeutic concept and builds it into a supportive back brace for the treatment of aches, pains, strains and bruises.

Buying a meaningful gift is an easy way to show someone that you care about their happiness and well-being. This holiday season take a few extra moments to find something meaningful for each person in your life.


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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts!!!

This year you may have to make your gift giving dollar stretch further than ever before. One way to do that is to find unique holiday gifts or inexpensive holiday gifts, preferably both.

At Vitality Medical, we expect that internet shopping will be stronger this year than ever before. We want to get out ahead of this trend and share some unique gift ideas with you so that you can order them in plenty of time for the holidays.

Joerns UltraCare XT Complete Bed Package $3,443.79

Joerns UltraCare XT Bed Package $3,043.79

Joerns Ultracare XT Complete Bed Package

The crème del la crème of home hospital furniture has to be the Joerns Ultracare XT Complete Bed Package. This bed is the most flexible on the market and the best looking. The bed is available with a choice between a Prevamatt Elite foam mattress or the Prevamatt Deluxe foam mattress. There is a choice between two beautiful Head and Footboards and every bed comes with half-rails for patient assistance.

The Joerns Ultracare XT Complete Bed Package is the top of the line premier bed package from Joerns. The range of the bed deck level, from 7″ to 30″, is unmatched. This hospital bed will amaze you with its flexibility and its good looks! For durability, flexibility, and unparalleled comfort look for the Joerns XT Complete Bed Package.

Invacare Bedside Tilt Top Table $92.32

Invacare Bedside Tilt Top Table $85.72

An Overbed Tilt Top Table

This year give the gift of convenience. How about the Invacare Bedside Tilt Top Table? This table provides for comfort while reading, writing or eating. This table can adjust five angle positions in either direction using tilt-release lever. This overbed table elevates up to 39″ freely with light upward touch. And downward touch locks it into position. The overbed table lowers to 25¾”. The Overbed Tilt Top Table can support up to 50 evenly distributed pounds. The attractive Walnut wood-grained laminate top measures ¾” x 15″ x 30″. The Tilt Top Table is transportable, weighing only 28 lbs.

Posture Pro Power Posture Pump Neck and Back Model $1,298.00

Posture Pro Power Posture Pump $1,395.00

The Posture Pro Power Posture Pump

There is nothing fun about back pain. If someone at the top of your list suffers it, I would recommend the Posture Pro Power Posture Pump. The Power Posture Pump is the top of the line in home chiropractic tools. The Posture Pro Power Posture Pump gradually lifts, stretches and separates the neck and back joints into their proper curved shape. As the spine stretches and curves over uniquely angled air cells, compression is removed from the discs so nutrient-rich fluid can now be absorbed into the joints.
Dr. M.S. of Santa Monica, CA had this to say:

“I find the Posture Pump an exciting approach to self help. I have patients currently using this new technology and getting really good results from neck and back problems. These patients appreciate being in control of their own health destiny.”

Golden Technologies 3 Position Large Lift Recliner

3-Position Lift Recliner $711.20

Golden Technologies 3-Position Lift Recliner

The Golden Technologies 3-Position Large Monarch Lift Recliner is another of the best solutions for those looking for the highest quality of chair at the lowest price. The Large Monarch Lift Recliner comes with a stuffed double seam back and soft supportive seat, making it extraordinarily comfortable. The Large chair gives you 22″ between the arms and a 30″ back for roomy comfort.

To help the Golden Technologies 3-Position Large Monarch Lift Recliner be less intrusive a Whisper-quiet Lift and Recline mechanism is installed so that you’ll hardly notice it as you switch from one position to another. Controlling the chair is simple with a two button controller that is always attached to the chair so there’s no risk of losing or misplacing it. Press up and easily raise yourself to a standing position, or press down and gently lower yourself back down and recline.

MD One 22k Dual Head Stethoscope

22k Gold Stethoscope $87.24

MD One 22k Gold Dual Head Stethoscope

The MDF MD One 22k Gold Dual Head Stethoscope is constructed from premium-grade stainless steel then plated in 22k gold. There may not be a more thoughtful gift for the medical professional in your life.

The MD One is one of the most popular professional diagnostic scopes today because it provides accurate auscultation of heart, lung, and blood pressure sounds. The MD One 22k Gold Dual Head Stethoscope was designed for both durability and style and since 1971 they have been handcrafted in the MDF artisan tradition. Other popular versions of this stethoscope include the MD One Infant Dual Head Stethoscope and the MD One Pediatric Dual Head Stethoscope.

Pathlighter Lighted Cane $36.00

Pathlighter Lighted Cane $26.88

The Pathlighter Cane

There may be no greater gift than the gift of independence. If you have an independent senior on you list, they would love Arcoa Medical’s Pathlighter Adjustable Lighted Cane. In a nutshell, The Pathlighter cane is a cane with a high-powered Xenon lamp. The lower shaft of the cane lights up the user’s path and surroundings.

Made of both advanced aluminum and polycarbonate materials, the Pathlighter Lighted Cane weighs about 1.5 lbs yet supports up to 250 lbs. This Cane adjusts between 34 and 38″. The comfortable handle has an integrated light switch. It requires three AA batteries to operate (not included.)

The Arcoa Medical Pathlighter Adjustable Lighted Cane delivers security and peace mind, allowing you to go safely anywhere, anytime, day or night.

LifeSource Talking Auto Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor $84.00

LifeSource Talking Auto Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor $84.00

LifeSource Talking Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

The LifeSource Talking Auto-Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor is the model of convenience. Not only does it feature one button – fully automatic measurements, an easy to read large digital display, and a Lifetime Warranty; it also talks!

Place the cuff around your arm, touch the start button, and then when measurement is complete, blood pressure and pulse are displayed and are broadcast aloud. Try the LifeSource Talking Auto-Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor today to both see & hear the difference in quality.

Detecto Digital Fitness Scale

Digital Fitness Scale $442.00

Detecto Digital Fitness Scales

Give you loved ones the gift of Vitality! We carry a complete line of Detecto Scales. The contemporary styling and light, but rugged construction make Detecto Waist-High Fitness Scales perfect for health clubs, schools, sports teams or home.

Detecto Digital Fitness Scales contain a removable slip-resistant base cover and a rapidly stabilizing, easy-to-read display. White with black trim, the display is 38″ (965mm) high.

Detecto Waist-High Digital Health Care Scale utilize a battery-powered weight indicator with body mass index (BMI) calculator. BMI measurements have been shown to be an accurate estimate of health risk when used as part of a comprehensive health assessment.

Wrist and Ankle Weights

Wrist and Ankle Weights $10.72

Rehab Plus Therapeutic Products Wrist and Ankle Weights

Give the gift of Fitness. Rehab Plus Therapeutic Products has made a good looking set of Wrist and Ankle Weights. Convenience and quality are what these durable, vinyl coated weights bring to the table. The foam backing helps to make the weights comfortable. They are available individually so you can get the weights you want and skip the weights you don’t want. The color-coded weights range between 1 lb and 10 lbs. The 22″ Velcro straps make them easy to use. With the Rehab Plus Therapeutic Products Wrist and Ankle Weights exercise is easy!

Standers Bed Rail Advantage

Standers Bed Rail Advantage $54.00

Standers Bed Rail Advantage

Standers Bed Rail Advantage is constructed with durable, heavy-duty steel tubing. The insulated, black comfort grip cover cleans with ease. The Advantage Bed Rail folds down for easy travel with no assembly required. This assist rail attaches to almost any bed. The safety strap secures Standers Advantage Bed Rail to bed frame. The canvas organizer hangover helps you keep items, the remote for instance, at hand. This assist rail is height adjustable for varying mattress thickness.

The Next 12,000+ Health Gift Ideas!!!

At Vitality Medical we have literally thousands of items to choose from. Although a lot of the items we carry are quite specialized and some other items are prescription items, we think that if you can’t find that just right something-you’re just not looking. We can help you find practically anything medical. Our knowledgeable staff are standing by to answer your questions and help you find what you need. Order early to insure delivery for the holidays.

For 8 years, at VitalityMedical, we have delivered on our promise to sell top quality medical supplies at the best prices on the Web.