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Osbon Erecaid Penis Pumps

An increasing number of men experience erectile dysfunction (ED) due to various physiological and psychological reasons. ED is the described as the inability to achieve and maintain erection during intercourse. While serious psychological issues, like damage to the sexual organs, can only be treated surgically, most of the times men with ED can achieve erections with what we call vacuum therapy. 

Osbon Erecaid Penis Pumps

This involves a vacuum erection pump (also known as a Penis pump). This cylindrical device is placed on the penis. It creates air pressure, which improves blood flow in the sexual organ. Once the desired erection is achieved, a ring or band is placed on the base of the penis to maintain it. 

The benefit of using a vacuum erection pump is that this treatment is minimally invasive. Moreover, it doesn’t affect your blood stream like medications. This means that there are no side-effects of this device. Of course, marks of the ring/band will be left on the sexual organ, but they don’t pose a threat and disappear naturally. 

Osbon Erecaid is a popular brand in this regard. The benefits of using Osbon Erecaid, by Timm Medical, is that these pumps are approved by the FDA, unlike various sexual enhancers. Moreover, you insurance may cover Timm Medical penis pumps as well, which means that you have long-term cost benefits. 

Osbon Erecaid Penis Pumps

All in all, vacuum pumps are great products for men with ED. They are easy to use and pose significant threat to your sexual performance or your health in general. 

Note that you have to use the pump every time you need to achieve an erection. When it comes to Osbon Erecaid vacuum erection pumps, they provide the best quality devices that are durable as well. With these pumps, you have a long-term solution for ED at your disposal. 


Vacuum Devices for ED

Vacuum Devices for EDA vacuum device or penis pump is mainly intended to be used by a person who is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence. It comprises of a constriction band and a pump to which an acrylic cylinder is attached. This cylinder can directly be attached to the penis. The cylinder and the pump create a vacuum which rigidifies the penis. The band can then be used to maintain the condition for a prolonged time.


ED pumps are based on vacuum therapy. When a pump is placed on the penis, a pumping action has to be provided. This can be done manually or automatically if the device is powered by a battery. The pumping action creates a vacuum, and blood easily flows into the penis. This enlarges it and makes it rigid. The constriction ring which is provided with the pump can then be used to maintain this condition for some time. The ring actually prevents the blood from flowing out of the penis, and thus, maintains the erection.

Procedure for Use

  • Attach the pump to the penis. If it is manual, start pumping the device, otherwise, just press the on button.
  • Continue the above step until the penis becomes rigid.
  • When you gain an erection, fix the tension band on the lower end of the penis. If you have problems, use a lubricant to aid you.
  • Detach the pump after the pressure is released.

You can fix the constriction band and maintain the erection for as long as 30 minutes, but this may vary with the manufacturer.

Safety Features

ED pumps do not possess any risks if you us them correctly. Just in case, be sure to buy a pump with a ‘quick release’ button. This way you can prevent injuries which occur if the vacuum is released too slowly.

Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual Pump

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is no more a non-curable disease. There are many ways in which patients suffering from this condition can be treated. The treatment methods are numerous from drugs to surgery to medications. The most effective of these are probably pumps because they have no side effects.

Though many penis pump manufacturers are available, the most effective products are those of Pos–T–Vac.

Pos – T – Vac Manual Pump

Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual PumpThe Pos – T–Vac manual penile pump is simple to operate and is very effective in treating impotence. The patient just has to pump and blood flow is then increased in the penis. Once erection has been achieved, it can be maintained for about 30 minutes with the help of a tension ring.

The most notable advantages of this penile pump are its affordability, efficiency and ease of use. The pump can also be upgraded to an advanced battery operated ED pump or combination pump by switching the battery head. A combination pump provides both manual and battery pumping action.

Pos – T – Vac Battery ED Pump

Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual Pump 2The Pos –T–Vac ED pump is more advanced than the manual pump in the sense that it is operated by a battery. By just pressing a simple ON/OFF button, the system starts operating and the motor provides a smooth pumping action. This creates a vacuum, which leads to erection.

The pros of the ED pump are increased efficiency and comfort. However, the prices are also slightly higher.

Erec Tech Pump

Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual Pump 3The Erec Tech pump is the most advanced product offered by Pos – T – Vac.  The penis has to be placed inside the Erec Tech which forces a blood flow in it. This causes the penis to become rigid and the condition can be maintained by fixing a tension ring at the base.

Tension Bands and VenoSeal ED Solutions

Tension Bands and VenoSeal ED SolutionsWhat is ED?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the inability of a man to achieve and sustain an erection. Usually ED occurs with aging, but almost all men face erection difficulties at one point or another largely due to psychological conditions and general health condition.

How Erection Occurs

Erection begins with arousal, when the brain releases a stimulus that signals the nervous system to direct blood flow to the penis. Once blood enters the penis, the veins should retain it to achieve and sustain the erection.

If any of these factors is absent, erection cannot be achieved. These factors can be marred by both psychological and physical conditions, such as venous leakage.


Habits like drinking which may cause ED can be prevented. However, other causes of erectile dysfunction may not be preventable. ED treatments include:

  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Sex therapy
  • Penile injections
  • Vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pumps and Tension Bands

Vacuum therapy is one of the most effective methods of treating erectile dysfunction. This therapy uses a manual or mechanical device to help men to achieve erection without serious pain or injuries. Vacuum pumps are widely available, making them one of the most convenient solutions for men with ED.

Basically the pump creates a vacuum around the penis which results in the flow of fresh blood to the penis. The blood flow causes the penis to bulge and it becomes erect, and then a tension band, also known as a penis ring is placed around the penis to keep the penis rigid for a specific time.

Vacuum therapy for ED is effective since it takes into account the importance of adequate blood flow to the penis in the process of erection. In addition, since vacuum therapy is not invasive, it gives you the desired results without any significant injury.

Types of Tension Bands

There is no generic tension band and users have to find the one that will work for their condition. The size of the penis is an obvious factor, and you can measure the width by placing a tape measure around the base of the penis.

Another factor to ponder upon is the level of ED.  If the dysfunction is severe, the person will require a higher tension to hold the erection. Users also have to choose the right material as well as not all bands provide the same flexibility.  Note that there is no “standard” tension band size.

Finally, as the erection depends on proper blood flow to the penis, the Penis Ring should not be so hard as to obstruct the flow and not so loose at the same time so that the penis can retain the rigidity.

VenoSeal produces rubber and latex tensions bands. As the name implies, VenoSeal tension bands help those men who experience ED due to venous leakage, where blood does not stay in the penis. While these tension bands stop the blood in the penis from flowing back in the body, they provide maximum comfort to the users as well.


  • Do not use Vacuum pumps and VenoSeal tension bands if you experience prolonged erections (priapism) regularly
  • Also abstain from using if you have any penis abnormality
  • Do not use along with medications like blood thinners
  • Do not leave VenoSeal tension bands on for more than 30 minutes
  • If vacuum therapy doesn’t work, stop using it and immediately consult your doctor





Impotence Treatments

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a common problem these days. It can be caused by diseases, surgical complications, certain medications and even psychological and lifestyle factors. Impotence is curable, and treatment can be started at any age. There are many kinds of erectile dysfunction treatments. The best of these are selected by considering the severity, causes, and health of the patient.

Psychosexual Therapy

Therapy is one of the most effective impotence treatments. This is because physiological factors play a large role in causing the problem. The causes can be any such as relationships difficulties, work anxiety, and other complex issues. Therapists and counselors listen to these problems all day long, and offer plenty of solutions.

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump (penis pump) consists of a plastic cylinder which is placed over the organ. When air is sucked out from the device, a pressure is created which forces a blood rush into the penis. The blood flow is obstructed by means of a tension band, which is applied to the base. Tension bands prevent the blood from draining rapidly and sustain the erection.


Certain medications can also be used for impotence treatments. Viagra is a widely used medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. Its effects are visible after an hour of taking the medicine, and last for around three hours. Cialis must be taken half an hour before. Levitra needs to be taken 10 minutes before, and can work up to twelve hours.

Penile Prosthesis

Penile prosthesis should be carried out when all other impotence treatments have failed. It is of two types: the semi-rigid type penis implant and the hydraulic type penis implant. The former type rigidifies the penis the whole time, but it can be bent down if the person is not engaged in sexual activity. The latter type stiffens the penis when a pump is activated. This pump is implanted in the scrotum.

Penis Pump Questions and Answers

Penis pumps are one of the least invasive treatments for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are preferable to medications for many patients.

How Do I Use a Penis Pump?

Vacuum erection devices come in different varieties and they will work different ways. The two styles of penile pumps are manually or battery operated. A battery operated pump doesn’t require any manual operation. The manually operated vacuum erection pump will require a continuous pumping motion. If you cannot decide between the two options there are a few manufacturers that make a combo kit.

encore deluxe manual and battery operated device

Encore Deluxe Combo Kit

Both styles of erection pump are going to have a loading cone that attaches to assist with the loading of a tension ring. Once an erection is achieved, you will place the loading cone on the end of the cylinder and use that to slide the tension band on and down the shaft of the cylinder. When you remove the cylinder, the tension band will stay in place.

Does it Hurt?

It should never hurt to use a penis pump. However, it is possible for the skin around the area of suction to be tender. To avoid this, use a body shield. These come with some of the penile pumps, but if they don’t you can purchase them separately as well. A body shield ensures that only the penis receives suction.

encore body shield

Body Shield

The only other issue you may encounter is cylinder size. If the cylinder is too tight, that will be uncomfortable. Oversized cylinders are designed to be compatible with certain brands of penis pumps. If you need one, be sure to select the oversized cylinder that is compatible with the brand of pump you choose.

Will it Fix the Problem?

Impotence is caused by a variety of factors that could be diabetes, surgery, prostate cancer, injury and more. A vacuum erection device will is a temporary impotence treatment, but it will not improve erections over time, because it cannot treat the initial cause for the impotence.

Will it Cause Growth?

Vacuum erection pumps for erectile dysfunction treatment do not cause growth. Pumps have been marketed for these purposes, but they are a different product and the effectiveness of them is unknown.

Do I Need Anything Else for These to Work?

You will need lubricant to create the seal between the skin and the cylinder. A water based lubricant is recommended over a petroleum based lubricant for an ideal seal. Also, to maintain an erection after using the penis pump, you would use a tension band. These come with most erection pumps, but they can also be purchased separately.


Vacuum Devices for Ed

One of the common sexual disorders in men is the Erectile Dysfunction, which characterizes the inability of a man to procure or sustain erection or stiffness of a penis, and therefore, fail to engage in sexual intercourses.

Mostly in the past, the treatments available for erectile dysfunction were limited to pills and surgery. Both treatments are not free from side-effects, pain and health risks. Pills and other medication therapies may contain chemicals that may be harmful to men’s health. Meanwhile, surgeries expose men in dangers of complication or infection during and after surgery. Amidst these risks that men have to gamble, the sought-after results are not guaranteed.

Timm Osbon

New Hope 

A Penis Pump treats the erectile dysfunction. Instead of chemicals from pills and health risks from surgery, the erectile dysfunction pump—another of its name—uses vacuum.

A penis pump comes with a tube in plastic material, a pump, and a band. The plastic tube is used over the penis, and attached to such tube is the pump. The band is used around the penis base once it achieves an erection. The ED Pump is also known as Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pump. It can be availed either using a battery or manual operation.

Today, even medical doctors recommend the use of a penis pump to treat erectile dysfunction, for a few reasons:

  1. Efficiency. When used regularly and correctly, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can achieve erection.
  2. Less risks. Unlike medications and surgeries, the use of an ed pump poses fewer risks.
  3. Cost efficiency. Medications including the ones that are inserted through the penis tip and the penile injections are not only expensive, but also painful. And even after spending a fortune and enduring terrible pain, there is a lesser guarantee of positive results. However, with an erectile dysfunction pump, there are no succeeding expenses (like maintenance) while on treatment, except maybe if the penis pump itself is destroyed, which is also unlikely.
  4. Non-invasiveness. An erectile dysfunction vacuum pump does not use or require surgery, penile injections, and insertion of a medication on a penis tip.
  5. May counter other sexual effects as a result of a medical or health condition. The ed pump is also effective for men who have had a prostate surgery and or radiation therapy as treatment for prostate cancer. With regular and proper use, men can gain back their erection.