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“Pay-It-Forward” Act of Kindness With Ice Grips

Walking Cane Ice Grip

Cane Tip Ice Grip from Mountain Properties

Vitality Medical salutes David P. of Massachusetts. David orders ice grips for walking canes on a regular basis. One would think David does a lot of hiking in the winter to order so many ice grips. Instead, David hands out his walking cane ice grips to people he meets that use a cane for walking assistance. The icy winters and the slippery wet summers of Massachusetts make the Ice Grip Cane Tip a valuable tool for people who use a walking cane. When David approaches people, most look at him suspiciously, thinking David is attempting to sell them something. Then they are pleasantly surprised to receive the ice grip for free with only a request to help someone else down-the-road.

David started offering strangers and friends free ice grips after he first heard about the special ice grip and could not find it anywhere for purchase. He found out that the local Veterans Hospital had some so he went to inquire about getting one for himself. The hospital indeed had the ice grips but refused to sell any to David. The hospital staff gave him the grip for free and asked David to help someone else out in the same manner. David has been doing so for several years now many times over. The special ice grip that David gives-aways to strangers and friends is manufactured by Mountain Properties.

Walking Cane Holder

Table Top Cane Holder

David has now expanded his free ice grips to providing free cane holders as well.

The Cane Holder, pictured to the left, is also manufactured by Mountain Properties and distributed by Vitality Medical. The Cane Holder is a simple attachment to any walking cane that allows you to rest the cane upon tables and counter-tops without taking up very much space. Many love this feature so that the cane is not on the floor as a tripping hazard. Rest a cane on a table also makes it easier to retrieve so that you do not have to bend over to pick it up when you are ready to leave.

Vitality Medical also carries an assortment of different types of cane tips and numerous mobility accessories to meet individual needs.