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Refilling Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen tanks are equipment that store oxygen as gas under high pressure or in liquefied form. It is mostly used by patients who require a constant supply of oxygen. They can keep an oxygen tank at their home and refill oxygen tanks directly from the concentrator tank in their home.

Medical oxygen tanks are even available in hospitals and contain a greater supply of oxygen as it is constantly needed for patients that are under treatment. These tanks are easy to use and quite affordable.


The iFill is an oxygen refilling station that does not require a concentrator to refill oxygen cylinders. Instead, fills itself with purified oxygen that it takes in from the surrounding environment. It offers flexibility as it can refill most cylinder sizes.

The device quickly fills the cylinder with pure oxygen saving energy costs and automatically shuts itself down when the cylinder is completely filled. The iFill can even top off partially filled cylinders. The device can be placed anywhere in the house and is very safe and simple to use.

Oxygen Refill Station

Refilling Oxygen TanksAn oxygen generator at your home can easily be upgraded to an oxygen refill station. This will allow you the convenience to fill the oxygen cylinders at your home for a fraction of the total cost. An oxygen tank refill system will save you time and money and will prove to be very feasible, fitting easily into your budget.

Oxygen refilling stations are very lightweight and small. They provide ambulatory patients the freedom to fill their oxygen tanks themselves. Moreover, the independence and convenience offered by these products makes them a preferred choice for many who continuously require a supply of oxygen. Such equipments also eliminate the need to frequently visit gas companies and save the cost of gas cylinder deliveries every now and then.


Oxygen for Exercise

The air we breathe is full of pollution, dust and other elements that can be harmful for your health. Living in the urban environment, the possibility of breathing in clean and pure air has become quite rare. Therefore, experts recommend the use of oxygen therapy. This therapy will help to deliver pure oxygen directly to your body and will have an immediate impact on your health.

Benefits of Oxygen

Breathing in pure oxygen has several benefits. Oxygen will assist your body in digesting food properly and breaking down toxins. The organs in your body will function better and will be more productive than they previously used to be. Moreover, taking in pure oxygen will help relieve stress and allow the body to unwind and relax, releasing the tension from the muscles. Breathing in pure oxygen will also help in delaying the aging process and keep you fit and active for long.

Oxygen Therapy

Working out with an oxygen concentrator will also have many beneficial impacts on your body. That is why doing exercise with oxygen therapy or EWOT is particularly beneficial for your health. An oxygen concentrator at your home will purify the air around you by stripping off nitrogen that is present in the air. This will enable you to take in pure oxygen for exercise or other uses.

Oxygen for Athletes

Many experts advise the use of oxygen for athletes, some of which have started the practice of sleeping in enclosed chambers that release pure oxygen. The athletes claim to be more fresh and rested and less sore in the morning. Oxygen for exercise is often used during training.

Overall, the benefits of taking in pure oxygen cannot be undermined. As lifestyle in metropolitan cities exposes you to only polluted air, you should take measures to correct that and in the very least try and make your home environment more pure by using an oxygen concentrator.


Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen treatment is the use of oxygen for medical purposes. Inhaled oxygen is the most common form of Oxygen Treatments. Inhaled oxygen can come in liquid condensed form or concentrated from the air by way of an oxygen concentrator or oxygen bar.

Measuring Oxygen Levels

When undergoing any oxygen treatment it is important to measure oxygen levels at home. To do this you will need an oximeter. There are portable oximeters that simply grip the finger or there are oximeters that use a finger sensors that plug into a separate display piece.

Measure oxygen levels often when performing activities that may cause oxygen deficiency or respiratory distress.

Oxi-Go Pro Sport Finger Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

Oxygen Therapy Side Effects

Oxygen therapy can cause headaches, fatigue, and bloody noses, etc. These side effects can each be prevented through a few precautions. Determining the correct liters per minute flow rate can help prevent headaches and fatigue. Using humidification bottles attached to the oxygen tubing helps prevent bloody noses. You can also use a nasal spray specifically designed for oxygen users.

Choosing Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen Tubing is typically universal for any oxygen bar or concentrator, however, there is some high flow tubing that can require a X-mas tree adapter to properly fit an oxygen concentrator. High flow oxygen tubing is idea if you are prescribed an oxygen dose that is higher than five liters per minute. (LPM)

CardinalHealth Crush Resistant Tubing

Crush Resistant Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen tubing is connected to an oxygen mask or nasal cannula. Cannulas are designed with a variety of specifications; you can purchase small ones that are curved, soft ones, or even pediatric Nasal Cannulas.

Types of Oxygen

Oxygen comes in two basic forms: liquid oxygen that you purchase in tanks or concentrated oxygen that is pulled from the air and by either an Oxygen Concentrator or oxygen bar. Oxygen Bars have a lower output capacity than oxygen concentrators. Typically, oxygen bars top out at three LPM’s. On the other hand, an oxygen concentrator can produce five – ten liters per minute.

Oxygen Filling Stations

Devilbiss Oxygen Filling Station

When using liquid oxygen for Oxygen Treatment, you can purchase pre-filled tanks. Many tanks could be required each month. Alternatively, there are filling stations available that allow the patient to use an oxygen tank with compressed oxygen, but still be able to refill it at home.


Continuous Flow Versus Pulse Dose Oxygen Therapy

If you find yourself in need of oxygen therapy you may receive a prescription for an Oxygen Concentrator. Concentrators emit a certain amount of enriched oxygen per minute in one of two ways: a continuous flow of oxygen or a pulse dose.

What is a Pulse Dose?

A continuous flow means that oxygen is flowing freely at the liters per minute (LPM) rate set by the user, whereas, a pulse dose is a smart technology that recognizes when the patient is taking a breath and emits the oxygen as needed. A pulse dose of oxygen is not sufficient for all those needing oxygen therapy. You should speak with your doctor to determine the correct dosage for you.

portable oxygen concentrator

The Inogen One g2 is a Pulse Dose Oxygen Concentrator.

What Type of Machine Should I Use?

Some oxygen machines are not capable of pulse dose and some oxygen concentrators are not capable of continuous flow. There are two types of oxygen concentrators: home oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentrators. Home oxygen concentrators operate almost exclusively on continuous flow and are designed for use while at home and while sleeping. Portable Oxygen Concentrators are designed to carry around with you and they typically operate on pulse dose. However, some portable concentrators are capable of both types of oxygen therapy.

Eclipse 3 Portable Concentrator

The Sequal Eclipse 3 is Capable of Pulse Dose and Continuous Flow.

What is LPM?

Liters Per Minute or LPM is the rate at which the oxygen is being emitted. Oxygen concentrators are only capable of a certain LPM setting, so it is always wise to consider this during a purchase. Pulse oxygen machines typically go up to 5 liters per minute, but a portable machine that is capable of 5 LPM pulse oxygen dose may only be capable of 3 LPM at a continuous flow rate.

When purchasing an oxygen concentrator always consider the oxygen flow dosage and liters per minute settings that your doctor has recommended. There are so many choices on the market that there is an oxygen machine to fit your needs.


Why use a Pulse Oximeter – How Does an Oximeter Work

A pulse oximeter is a useful devise for measuring a person’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation and is also useful for people with very low blood saturation.

There are many portable pulse oximeters available in the market for home use. Aside from being one of the devices used in cases of emergency and first aid requirements, a pulse oximeter is also used by:

Finger Pulse Oximeter

Finger Pulse Oximeter

  • Pilots. It might sound unusual, but most pilots carry a portable pulse oximeter with them especially when flying non-pressurized aircrafts. They use this device to check if there is a need for supplemental oxygen or if the supplemental oxygen present is effective.
  • Mountain Climbers. Mountain climbers in their ascend to high altitudes must check their blood oxygen levels since a change in environment and decrease in oxygen might have drastic effects on their oxygen levels.
  • Asthma and Lung disease patients. Pulse oximeters are used to measure a person’s oxygen levels in the blood, which is why Asthma and Lung disease patients are sometimes required to carry around a portable pulse oximeter since insufficient oxygen in the blood can be fatal especially to patients with breathing problems.
  • Surgical hospital patients. The pulse oximeters are usually found in a hospital’s operating rooms and emergency areas. This device is needed to monitor the oximeter pulse rates and oxygenation in the blood while the patient is under anesthesia or is sedated.

Professional Pulse Oximeter

These are just some of the few reasons why we use a pulse oximeter. You can even just purchase one for use at home in case someone might need it in the future.

How does a pulse oximeter work?

To understand how does a pulse oximeter works, you just have to remember and understand two things: Red Light and Infrared Light. These lights will be used to detect the amount of oxygen in a person’s blood stream. The light will pass through the hemoglobin in your blood; the hemoglobin, which carries the oxygen, absorbs the infrared light and the red light is absorbed by the hemoglobin without much oxygen. The device gets the ratio, and you have your results.

What is an Oxygen Bar?

Gone were the days when the word bar was defined as an establishment selling alcoholic drinks. Today you won’t just find liquids at a bar; you just might find an oxygen bar! Yes, an oxygen bar is technically an establishment that sells oxygen with different scents. They say that inhaling this will give anyone a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Most oxygen bars would use aromatic oils as scents for their oils, but now, some bard use food grade products to provide guests with a wider selection of scents to choose from.

Oxygen Bar Turbo Rejuvenating by Zadro

Oxygen Bar Turbo

Your Very Own Personal Oxygen Bar

What is better than getting your very own personal oxygen bar in the comfort of your own home?  So what’s so special about an oxygen bar when you can simply inhale the air around you for oxygen? Here are some of the benefits of inhaling air from a portable oxygen bar:

  • Oxygen bars provide 90-99% pure oxygen, free from all types of bacteria, dirt and pollution
  • Aromatherapy helps clear the mind, heightens awareness, and even reduces the onset of migraine and headaches
  • It helps soothes the mind and stabilizes the nervous system
  • Proven to have a special anti aging effect on people
  • Helps detoxify blood and strengthen the immune system

Know that you know all the benefits from inhaling air from an oxygen bar, why not get one now?

Personal Oxygen Bar with Tranquil Sounds by Zadro

Personal Oxygen Bar

Buying an oxygen bar

Buying an oxygen bar does not necessarily mean buying a whole bar and getting all the equipment. You can simply get a small portable oxygen bar like the Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar Turbo Oxygen Concentrator by Zadro. It comes with a headset and ear buds and provides the best experience since you can actually listen to music with the product’s ear buds while inhaling oxygen infused with aromatic oils.

This is definitely one of the better personal oxygen bars out in the market!

Sequal Integra 10

Does the name, Sequal Integra 10 ring a bell? If not, then this is the opportunity to inform you about this machine. The Sequal Integra 10 is an oxygen concentrator that is built with high oxygen output mechanism. It is mostly used for the purpose of providing pure oxygen to oxygen therapy patients.

There are several features that make the Sequal Integra 10 a unique oxygen concentrator. First, is the fact that it has 10 liter oxygen storage capacity unlike most other concentrators with not more than 5 liters storage capacities. This bring up the question: why then would any one want to settle for something less?

This home oxygen concentrator also comes fitted with a “zero clearance” air intake which is strategically located at the top of the concentrator. This ensures that even though the oxygen machine may be pushed against draperies or walls, there won’t be any case of overheating.

Sequal Integra 10

Then, to ensure that you have a firm grip of this unique oxygen concentrator and are comfortable carrying it, the handle is ergonomically designed. Whether it is to be used at care giving facilities or at home, there are many more features that make this machine different from the others. Everything about the Sequal Integra 10 is designed for ease. In order to make storage and transportation of the machine simpler and easier, a holder was designed to hold the Velcro power cord in place.

Another unique feature of the Sequal Integra 10 is the DISS fitting cabinet, which is designed to contain extra large humidifiers. Also, the rear wheels of the oxygen concentrator are fitted with brakes that make stability a possibility.

Another helpful feature is the Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF). The ATF eliminated the need for various troublesome parts. This means that your Sequal Integra 10 comes fitted with a mechanically integrated module making the machine less prone to wear, self cleaning and maintenance free.

The Sequal Integra 10 has no solenoid valves which can be prone to failure, no electronics for the purpose of valve sequencing and also, it has no pressure reducing regulator.

This machine carries out its functions on steady low pressure that is in tune with the compressor. The use of modest finger touch controls on the LCD flow indicator is a welcome idea when compared to the traditional buttons, dials and knobs that are found on other oxygen concentrators. The flat surface of the control panel makes it easy to be cleaned without tampering with the settings, unlike knobs, dials and buttons.