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Sequal Eclipse 3: AutoSAT Technology

AutoSAT TechnologyAn oxygen concentrator is used whenever a patient needs a higher level of oxygen than what is present in the atmosphere. Traditional oxygen concentrators are bulky and do not offer convenience and mobility. Therefore, manufacturers have now switched to portable oxygen concentrators that are easy to carry around because of their compact size. Moreover, since portable oxygen is a recent methodology, the devices are based on the latest technology and so are better in terms of performance, reliability and quality than the traditional devices.

Portable oxygen concentrators are manufactured by many companies but the Sequal Eclipse 3 concentrator probably leads them all. It features the autoSAT technology, which has significantly improved its performance. The Sequal portable concentrator also offers many other benefits to its users and is equipped with modern innovative accessories.


The all new autoSAT technology maintains a fixed level of oxygen by adjusting the oxygen flow of the device according to the user’s respiratory rate. If the rate increases, the autoSAT also increases the oxygen supply through a servo motor so that the patient gets an uninterrupted delivery of the gas.


A number of accessories can be used with Sequal Eclipse 3 to improve its performance and provide more convenience to the patient. The most popular of these are given below.

  • Power Cartridge: This provides power to the device for up to 5 hours. It can easily be charged with the charger that is available with Sequal Eclipse 3.
  • Desktop Charger: This charges the power cartridge or the battery through a Universal Power Plug Set. The total time taken to charge the battery is almost three hours.
  • Travel Kit and Case: These are composed of inner partitions to easily store all accessories and offer a firm grip for the user.
  • Humidifier Adapter Kit: This can be used to attach a humidifier bottle to Sequel Eclipse 3 if required.