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Sports Tape Comparison

Injuries can occur anywhere and anytime regardless of how careful a person is whilst moving around. This is especially true for individuals involved in sports. An unexpected injury can slow you down and force you to miss out on important events. Fortunately, a sports tape can allow you to prevent and treat numerous common injuries like shin splints, tennis elbow, knee pain, etc. This physical therapy tape is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, differing in accordance to the needs of the user.

Following are the few types of sports tapes that can be used for treating/preventing various injuries.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio TapeKinesio tape is used as a facilitator for muscles, providing support to the natural process of healing within the human body. This athletic tape allows muscle support while maintaining natural movement and normal circulation, something that conventional sport taping does not provide.

Apart from generic muscle support, the Kinesio Tape is also used for treating lymphedema, back strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains, chronic swelling, herniated discs, back pain, knee conditions, groin or hamstring injuries, subluxations, shoulder conditions, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and much more. Also, the Kinesio tape can be used for treating common maladies as well, e.g. stiff muscles and headaches.

Leukotape P Sports Tape

Leukotape P Sports TapeLeukotape P Sports Tape is an adhesive tape with a rayon back that includes an adhesive with exceptionally high levels of zinc oxide. When combined with a tape’s high tensile strength, this athletic tape is perfect for shoulder taping and patellofemoral taping techniques, i.e. the correction of patellar position. This type of sports tape is also great for dealing with shoulder problems as it aids in realigning structures related to the shoulder. This can be done through the retraining and taping of muscles within the arm. The adhesive in the Leukotape P Sports Tape comprises of a natural dry rubber, allowing the tape to be used with a stretch bandage.

Physio Tape

Physio TapeThe Physio Tape provides stability and support to the muscles and joints without affecting the range of motion and circulation. Compared to conventional sports taping, physio tape allows numerous uses staring from the management of pain to treating carpal tunnel syndrome and Edema, acting as the ideal muscle facilitator. Without hampering fluid flow or muscle movement, Physio tape supports the natural functions of your muscles in order to treat an assortment of ailments similar to the Kinesio tape, providing overall support to your muscles. Also, this physical therapy tape helps control lymph flows and venous circulation and the body temperature as well (the failure of which can lead to the generation of various unpleasant symptoms).

With so many options to choose from, you can easily prevent or treat injuries using the right sports tape.


How Does Physio Tape Work?

A physio tape is a strip of cotton which is mainly used to treat or prevent sports injuries. It possesses elasticity to such a great extent that it can be stretched to 120 to 140% of its original length. One side of the tape consists of an adhesive, so it can easily stick to the skin. Physio tape is mainly available in beige, black, blue and red colors. Sports tapes such as kinesio tape are similar variants. A PreWrap also functions in a similar manner.

A physio tape is specially designed to support muscles during and after play without blocking circulation or restricting movement. It can be used in many situations such as a back ache, tennis elbow, knee pain and a back ache. However, the tape must be cut differently in each situation depending on the muscle area where it has to be used. For instance, an I shape is used for small muscles whereas a Y shape is used for large muscles. Other common shapes are the X and the wave form. A single strip can be used for as long as three days without being removed.

When the body is performing strenuous activities, a large stress is put on the muscles and joints. The areas under maximum stress are usually taped to prevent injuries. The tight physio taping contracts blood vessels underneath the area. This increases circulation, and energizes the cells as more nutrients are transferred.  The physio tape also exerts a pressure on the skin, which numbs the area, preventing a person from feeling any sort of pain or fatigue.

Vitality Medical offers a large selection of physio taping, kinesiology taping and other therapy taping products. Their physio tapes have many benefits such as

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Why Kinesio Tape?

Injuries from sports are something that has plagued athletes for centuries. A common treatment for injuries is to wrap them, constrict them, or wear a brace. Kinesiology Tape was designed to compliment, or in some cases, bypass traditional treatments that can hinder performance.

Kinesio tape has quickly become a favorite athletic tape of physical therapists and professional athletes. Kinesio Tex is a tool for optimal muscular performance, while protecting the muscles from new or further injury.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape Colored Rolls

Kinesiology taping lifts the skin and creates a different type of circulation that is specific to Sports Tapes. It is these circulation benefits that foster healing and protects weak areas. The color variety that is uniquely kinesio is a vibrant distraction from what is, technically, a medical product.

Typical injury taping restricts motion and inhibits athletic activities. All of the colors of Kinesio Sports Tape stretch and conform to the muscle in such a way that it assists the muscles natural resiliency, so that it can recover its natural functionality. With Kinesio athletic tape injury prevention becomes a tool for athletic success, rather than a burden on the athlete.

Kinesio Strips

Pre-Cut Strips of Kinesio Tape

You can purchase pre-cut strips designed for specific purposes or a full roll of your favorite color. There are extensive taping manuals that discuss each application. Shoulders, Knees, the back, and other major muscle groups can be protected, even rejuvenated, with a strategic placing of kinesio tape.

Kinesio tex gold tape is typically used in a clinical setting. Kinesio tex tape has a classic design that is ideal for sports medicine. These tapes can be applied once and left on for up to five days, so adjusting and re-taping is not an issue. Kinesio tex is the tape that athletes wear days after the big game.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape is a new taping method used to relieve aching and strained muscles. The truth is, the Kinesio taping method isn’t actually new, it was developed 25 years ago by a Japanese chiropractor by the name, Dr. Kenzo Kase. The Kinesio tex tape is used by athletes such as Kerri Walsh, David Beckham, Serena Williams, and Lance Armstrong.

The tape is extremely thin and has a special elasticity which is said to be the reason why it is so effective. It is simply placed on the skin and can last for three to five days. You can even swim with it or take a bath with it, and it will not come off.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Sports Tape

How to Use Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio taping is really easy. Since the tape is made of thin breathable cotton, there is very little chance that there will be discomfort during long hours of wearing it. For starters, it’s better to wear the tape for long hours or days to get the best results. Since you will be wearing it for a longer period of time, plan on wearing it on consecutive days training in the gym. Don’t worry about taking it off during showers since the tape is waterproof which mean you can wear it even in the shower.

One kinesio taping method commonly used by athletes is the Y method or Y strip for tender and sore muscles. This is done by cutting the kinesio tape into a Y shape and placing it over the affected areas.

On the other hand, the X strip is best used for sore arm muscles. It’s simply crossing two strips of kinesio tape to form an X.

Where to Buy Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape is available almost anywhere. You could easily avail the Kinesio tape online on Vitality Medical. The great thing about buying it here is that you don’t only get the best price but you also get to see reviews and product descriptions from other clients who have tried it.

What is Physio Tape?

The popularity of Physio tapes

Strenuous Sport and Physio Tape
Physio Tape is a tex based non latex tape with adhesive on one side which is used in physiotherapy to treat many different ailments afflicting the muscles and joints of the body. Tapes such as Physio Tape and Kinesio Tape are popular all over the world owing to their widespread usage by sports persons and athletes. During strenuous sports activities, significant large stress is placed on various joints and muscles of the body. Professionals tape up those muscle and joint areas that sustain the maximum stress. For a runner it would be the ankle area, for a boxer it would be the wrist. The use of these tapes by successful Chinese athletes in the Beijing Olympics has propelled its popularity around the world. Many athletes can be seen at competitive events with Physio or Kinesio tapes.

Using Physio tape to help muscles

Physio Tape are applied by stretching them over the target area. The tape wraps tightly around the muscles and convolutes the skin. This narrows the blood vessels and thus, increases blood circulation in that area. More blood means more nutrients and energy getting circulated in that area. Other than affecting the blood circulation, the pressure exerted by the tape on the muscles numbs the sensory cells of the skin thus reducing any kind of sensation in that area. This allows the athlete to use the muscle for a longer duration as it numbs the feelings of pain and fatigue. These are the two main mechanisms of action of a physio tape when used during a strenuous  activity.

Other benefits of Physio tapes

Physio tapes can also be used before as well as after an activity. Physio tapes, using the same mechanism discussed above, promote healing and rejuvenation of fatigued and injured muscles when wrapped for longer durations. Muscles not only control the movements of the body but they also control the lymph and blood flow as well as influence the core temperature of the body. Thus, failure of muscles to perform properly can manifest itself in many different symptoms. Physio tape has been designed that it can be used to support muscles throughout the day and up to three days without removing the tape. Physio tapes have become popular in physiotherapy treatments for muscle and joint ailments such as tennis elbow, bad back, ankle strains, knee pain, etc.

Some common applications

Physio Tape

The most common application of physio tapes is to treat tennis elbow and back aches. For tennis elbow, a Y shaped strip is fashioned out of a 2 foot strip of Physio tape. This can be done by cutting the tape through the middle up to half of the strip. The intact side is applied on the wrist and moved upwards with very little stretching. One of the arms of the Y tape is used to wrap the forearm all the way up to just below the elbow while stretching it to 20% of its capacity. Twenty percent capacity would correspond to medium stretching. The other end of the Y strip is wrapped over the forearm as well in the opposite direction with 40% stretching and finished just on the elbow. Another strip of about 1foot is used to seal the elbow end. If the taping process is done correctly, then there should be considerably less pain when moving the arm. Not only does it make living through the pain caused by tennis elbow much easier and facilitate a wider range of movements, but also over time can cure tennis elbow. For use with back aches, a strip of 1 foot tape is applied in a straight line all the way from just below the arm pit to the start of the hip at both sides of the body.  To provide further support, another strip of tape can be used to wrap around the waist tight enough to allow normal breathing and to suppress the pain from back strain.

Physiotherapy applications

Kenesio Tape
In physiotherapy, ailments are cured by treating muscle structures and joints of the body. The use of Physic tape when coupled with medication serve as a potent cure for a lot of ailments that otherwise cannot be cured through medicine alone. Problems such as frozen shoulders and tennis elbow generally do not show up in x-rays and other medical tests. Hence, as there is no underlying cause that can be detected for these ailments, their treatment can never be guaranteed by medical professionals. This medical treatment gap can often be filled or reduced very inexpensively with physiotherapy and Physio tapes. It has become common to find Physio or other sports related tapes and wraps at nearly every sporting event. The performance of an athlete depends on how fast a sprain or spasm is cured. The intensity of their activity puts tremendous pressure on their muscles which require immediate relief. Physio tapes are used by sports physiotherapists exactly for this purpose.


All in all, Physio tapes today are an indispensable part of sports and activities. Physiotherapy has accepted this tape as a standard tool for treating many muscular and joint ailments. Physio tapes are available over the counter and on the Internet and can be purchased without a prescription. Vitality Medical has an assortment of Physio tapes and other sport tapes and compression wrappings you can select and purchase online. You do not have to be a professional athlete to benefit from Physio Tape. It is useful for prevention as well as healing purposes. It is used before, during and after sport events. The cost of Physio Tape is under $10.00 a roll, which makes them a great alternative to other such tapes such as Kinesio Tapes. Because of its affordability, many are attracted to this sport tape without having to budget.