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Surgilube for Catheters and More

A surgical lubricant is a substance that is provided by health care specialists for lubrication purposes. A majority of health care providers suggest these lubricants as a remedy to minimize a patient’s uneasiness and discomfort during some medical examinations or surgical procedures. For instance, surgical lubricants are a vital part of rectal and vagina examinations.

A medical lubricant facilitates internal examination so an individual doesn’t experience pain and internal tearing when hands or instruments are inserted in their body. Surgilube is used as a lubricating agent that offers immediate and constant lubrication. Due to its usage, insertion of surgical instruments, surgical gloves, endoscopes, and catheters into body cavities becomes pretty easy and painless.

Surgilube for Catheters and MoreSurgilube is a quite useful medical product that is extensively found in emergency rooms, labor or delivery rooms, and clinics. Having a combination of water-soluble gums, this lubricant is completely transparent. Often referred to as a lubricating jelly, Surgilube is commonly used by professionals of urology, gastroenterology, and proctology.

Made of natural ingredients, this medical lubricant doesn’t stain the patient’s garments or skin. Various careful tests are involved in this product’s development that ensures that it does not harm a patient in any manner. This product lessens chances of infection and pain during catheter insertion. It is available with a screw top as well as a flip top that ensure easy usage.

A surgical lubricant does not typically cause irritation, inflammation, rashes, or other medical issues. However, it is a good approach to avoid using a lubricant around injuries or genitals. While inserting catheters, gloves, or other surgical instruments in body orifices, health care professionals make sure to use a safe lubricant to lessen the patient’s pain.

Surgilube is a common and valuable lubricant that is used extensively by heath care experts to complete examination tasks and medical procedures without much effort and pain.


Surgilube Medical Lubricant

Surgilube Medical LubricantA Surgical lubricant is used for providing lubrication to the patient during specific medical and surgical procedures. This lessens their pain and discomfort, and they can bear the examination or treatment which they are undergoing. Generally, a medical lubricant is used in procedures related to rectal or vaginal examinations.

There are many manufacturers which produce a wide range of surgical and medical lubricants. However, Surgilube by Savage Labs is probably the most effective of them. Surgilube is a water based lubricant jelly that contains a certain percentage of Chlorhexidine Gluconate. This substance is included as an antiseptic in the product.


Surgilube is characterized by the following main features:

  • Contains only water which makes it very safe for many uses
  • Does not cause any irritations to the skin, tissue and membranes
  • Has no effect on medical instruments, plastics or rubber
  • Does not increase bacteria or impact sterility of medical instruments
  • Causes no stains


Surgilube is available as tubes and sachets. The total capacity may vary from 2 ounces to 5 grams.


Surgilube uses are vast ranging from medical to personal. It can easily be used in a variety of medical conditions and situations. It is widely used in hospitals to reduce a patient’s pain in specific examinations pertaining to rectum and gynecology. Surgilube may also be used if catheters or a probe has to be inserted into the body for various purposes such as collecting cell samples. Since a medical lubricant is biologically inert, its use does not interfere with the examination, treatment or even results.

Individuals may also use Surgilube in their homes as a personal lubricant. It increases pleasure during sexual activities and may also reduce pain.