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TED Stockings for Embolism Prevention

TED Stockings for Embolism Prevention 1Thrombo Embolism Deterrent or TED stockings, also known as TED hose and anti embolism stockings, are a preventive measure for deep vein thrombosis. If you wear TED stockings, you can prevent stationary or movable clots from forming in your blood. The stationary blood clots are called thrombosis and the movable blood clots are called embolus. Hence, the name of the stockings came to be Thrombo Embolism Deterrent or TED stockings.


TED Stockings for Embolism Prevention 2The main purpose of the body venal system is to collect and transfer blood from all parts of the body back to the lungs so that it can be oxygenated once again. The veins which are present in the legs have to work against gravity to pull the blood back up in the body.  The muscular movements in the legs aid the veins in this regard and help them move the blood.

If the transfer of blood back to the lungs is delayed and takes more time than it should, then the lower areas of the body swell up. This can be prevented if you don TED stockings. They are manufactured such that pressure can be applied to the legs when you wear them. The highest pressure is applied at the feet and ankles but towards the thighs, this pressure is significantly reduced.  This helps the veins in proper functioning and blood does not pool in the feet. Consequently, no clots are formed and deep vein thrombosis can be avoided.


There are many types of TED anti embolism stockings. They are available in varying lengths that may come up to your knees or thighs. The stockings may either be open toe or closed toe. Your doctor can help you in choosing a suitable style for yourself.