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Tension Bands and VenoSeal ED Solutions

Tension Bands and VenoSeal ED SolutionsWhat is ED?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the inability of a man to achieve and sustain an erection. Usually ED occurs with aging, but almost all men face erection difficulties at one point or another largely due to psychological conditions and general health condition.

How Erection Occurs

Erection begins with arousal, when the brain releases a stimulus that signals the nervous system to direct blood flow to the penis. Once blood enters the penis, the veins should retain it to achieve and sustain the erection.

If any of these factors is absent, erection cannot be achieved. These factors can be marred by both psychological and physical conditions, such as venous leakage.


Habits like drinking which may cause ED can be prevented. However, other causes of erectile dysfunction may not be preventable. ED treatments include:

  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Sex therapy
  • Penile injections
  • Vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pumps and Tension Bands

Vacuum therapy is one of the most effective methods of treating erectile dysfunction. This therapy uses a manual or mechanical device to help men to achieve erection without serious pain or injuries. Vacuum pumps are widely available, making them one of the most convenient solutions for men with ED.

Basically the pump creates a vacuum around the penis which results in the flow of fresh blood to the penis. The blood flow causes the penis to bulge and it becomes erect, and then a tension band, also known as a penis ring is placed around the penis to keep the penis rigid for a specific time.

Vacuum therapy for ED is effective since it takes into account the importance of adequate blood flow to the penis in the process of erection. In addition, since vacuum therapy is not invasive, it gives you the desired results without any significant injury.

Types of Tension Bands

There is no generic tension band and users have to find the one that will work for their condition. The size of the penis is an obvious factor, and you can measure the width by placing a tape measure around the base of the penis.

Another factor to ponder upon is the level of ED.  If the dysfunction is severe, the person will require a higher tension to hold the erection. Users also have to choose the right material as well as not all bands provide the same flexibility.  Note that there is no “standard” tension band size.

Finally, as the erection depends on proper blood flow to the penis, the Penis Ring should not be so hard as to obstruct the flow and not so loose at the same time so that the penis can retain the rigidity.

VenoSeal produces rubber and latex tensions bands. As the name implies, VenoSeal tension bands help those men who experience ED due to venous leakage, where blood does not stay in the penis. While these tension bands stop the blood in the penis from flowing back in the body, they provide maximum comfort to the users as well.


  • Do not use Vacuum pumps and VenoSeal tension bands if you experience prolonged erections (priapism) regularly
  • Also abstain from using if you have any penis abnormality
  • Do not use along with medications like blood thinners
  • Do not leave VenoSeal tension bands on for more than 30 minutes
  • If vacuum therapy doesn’t work, stop using it and immediately consult your doctor