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Plastic Urinals for Males

A urinal is a plastic bottle that is particularly designed for urination purposes. Patients who experience serious health issues and are not able to get out of their beds usually need a plastic urinal. Because of a male urinal, patients who cannot move their arms freely  can urinate independently without needing any help.

Male Urinal

One of the greatest advantages of using a plastic urinal is that it is portable and stain resistant. It offers great convenience to a patient as it can easily be cleaned and washed. Such urinals are exclusively designed to facilitate male patients. They are usually available in a variety of sizes and capacities that enable you to choose a plastic urinal according to your own needs.

A disposable urinal bedpan is commonly made of latex-free and transparent polyethylene. It includes a wide base, small neck and vertical stance. Due to its small neck, both the patient and caregiver can easily handle the bottle. On the other hand, these plastic urinals have smooth and round edges that offer great comfort to the patient. Their transparent lids make them resistant to leaks. Their lids not only reduce odors, but also prevent spilling.

A male plastic urinal is commonly used by male patients since their anatomy supports its usage. Though female urinals are available in the market, they are a little difficult to handle. Male plastic urinals typically have convenient handles that you can easily grip. These urinals can ideally be used in health care facilities and hospitals since they can be effortlessly hung on bed rails of any size or style.

A male plastic urinal is lightweight and easy on the pocket. It is marked with clearly visible graduations that ensure accurate volume measurement. These transparent urinals allow efficient visualization of urine color and content. Disposable male urinals are practical products that can help you enjoy a  healthier lifestyle.




Bard Drainage Bag

Patients who are not able to urinate or have health issues like urinary incontinence may need to use a urine drainage bag. This bag is attached to urinary tubing, which then connects to a catheter. Some bags come with urinary tubing already attached. The catheter is placed inside an individual’s bladder from where urine is collected into the plastic drainage bag. An efficient urinary drainage bag can make a significant difference to your health and help you lead a comfortable life.

Bard Drainage Bag

Bardia Drainage Bag

Bard closely understands the demands of health care experts, medical professionals and patients, and provides efficient products to help them meet clinical challenges. Bard urinary supplies represent reliable services, high quality, and great integrity. Bard drainage bags ensure better drainage since they have a round, teardrop shape. These drainage bags are available in a variety of sizes offering different capacities that allow individuals to choose a urine bag according to their own needs.

A bedside drainage bag incorporates convenient drain valves that don’t need much dexterity. Bard urine bag is latex-free and has a special antimicrobial agent that can perfectly resist infectious agents or pathogens. While using Bard bedside drainage bag, make sure to not let its tube hang below the urine bag. Furthermore, don’t leave your urine drainage bag on the floor. Instead, tie it to your bed. Don’t allow your urinary bag to become full as it will exert extra pressure on the catheter.

It is important to empty and clean Bard urine bags frequently so that they don’t cause any infection or irritation. Most healthcare experts suggest changing the drainage bag frequently so as to prevent a patient from urinary infections. Whenever you empty your drainage bag, you should observe urine color, odor, and consistency. This enables you to take timely and corrective measures in case of infections. A urine bag should be thoroughly cleaned to reduce odor and avoid further urinary problems.


Choosing a Urine Bag

Urine bags come in two basic forms: Urinary Drainage Bags and leg Bags. The main difference between them being where they are worn. Urinary drainage bags are urine bags that attach to the bed rail. Leg Bags are worn on the body for use during the day.

What is a Urine Bag

Urine collection bags are the collection systems that connect to an internal or external catheter using drainage tubing. Urine drainage bags can be used just at night for active people or they can be used consistently for non-ambulatory people.

rusch drainage bag

Bedside Drainage Bag

Leg bags are used during the day for mobile individuals. They strap to the leg, just above the ankle using a few different options of leg straps. The universal drainage tubing runs 18 inches from the catheter site to the leg bag, so there is not excess tubing to be concerned with.

How do I Choose a Leg Bag?

Choosing the correct urine bag is as simple as picking the features you like. Leg bags have options to choose from regarding drainage, sampling, and preventing urine spills.

You can pick a leg bag with a flip-flo valve this feature allows you to easily drain your leg bag, simply pop open the top and drain out the excess urine. Some people would prefer a more secure closure at the bottom of the leg bag. That is called a bottom cap. The bottom cap ensures that the Urine Bag will not spill while you are using it.

button straps

Leg Bag with Button Straps

Straps are a feature of a leg bag that is often overlooked. There are latex straps that are flexible and stretch, these typically come with a the drainage bag. There are nylon based straps that connect with a  button, some people like these, because they are lighter weight than the fabric. Fabric straps come with a Velcro closure and are ideal for individuals with latex allergies or who are sensitive to the button design.

How do I choose a Urinary drainage Bag?

Urine drainage bags have features regarding odor control as well as direction of flow. One feature to look for is mono-flo, this means that the urine only flows into the bag and is prevented for spilling back out into the tubing. A similar feature is an anti-reflux valve. These are valves built into the connection that prohibits urine spillage.

Additionally, some drainage bags have features such as infection control. This is a built-in antimicrobial coating that staves off infectious bacteria. This feature is better for your health, but also eliminates the bacterial build-up that causes odor.

For more Information on Bard Infection Control Technology


How To Determine External Catheter Sizing

Catheter sizing is not a topic that is easily breached.  For the most part, using an external catheter is not a pleasant experience for a male patient.  It is important to always bear in mind the mental and emotional implications on the patient, as they are already undergoing a considerable amount of stress from their hospitalization.  One of the most detrimental mishaps in the use of an external catheter for men is a failure of the catheter or bag.  More often than not, this occurs due to an improperly fitted catheter.

A Male External Catheter provides a non-invasive option for nurses and physicians to remove the consideration of urination from their treatment plan.  By using an external catheter, they can effectively eliminate the need for frequent toileting while still giving the patient a sense of independence by teaching them to emplace and change the male external catheter on their own.  However, proper catheter sizing is critical to ensuring that this experience is as positive as possible for the patient.

Hollister External Condom Catheter

A condom catheter is probably the most popular model of External Catheter for men.  To properly fit this item, one must be sure to correctly measure the length of the penis and the circumference at the widest point.  From there, these measurements can be used to find a condom catheter of an appropriate length and width that allows it to comfortably fit on the patient, while still being tight enough to prevent leakage.  A healthcare provider may want to consider shearing or trimming the pubic hair to prevent any tugging or pinching, but will want to note that, if trimmed too short, subsequent regrowth may irritate the area around the base of the catheter.

After properly sizing and fitting the male external catheter, the last step is to match the catheter with the correct size urine bag and to arrange or affix the bag in such a way that there will be no twisting or kinking in the line.  If done properly, a Condom Catheter can be a more comfortable substitute to the historical invasive catheter for men.

Living with Incontinence After a Prostatectomy

Living with Incontinence After a Prostatectomy

Men who have a prostatectomy for prostate cancer, often find themselves suffering from post operative urinary incontinence. Although in this case, the cure is not worst than the disease, many men still find the new problem of incontinence as a new significant upheaval in their lives. Internal catheters are uncomfortable and often painful. Wearing diapers is not a welcomed event and brings a whole new set of problems with odor, leaks, skin rash, etc. For men who still live very active life styles, diapers are not an appropriate solution for incontinence. Four other popular alternatives are available that many men have found to be much better solutions for male incontinence than internal catheters and diapers. These alternatives are male external catheters, incontinence clamps, collection pouches and absorbent briefs or shorts.

Alternatives to Internal Catheters and Diapers for Post-Operative Urinary Incontinence

Hollister Extended Wear Male External Catheter

External Catheters

An external catheter is used to direct the flow of urine to a leg bag or collection bottle/bag. External Catheters are similar to condoms and are sometimes referred to as "Condom Catheters" or "Male Catheters". External catheters provide a much lower risk of obtaining a bladder infection than internal catheters. Usually made of latex, external catchers are flexible and provide an excellent seal. For people with latex allergies, silicone catheters are also available like the Rochester UltraFlex External Catheter or the Mentor Clear Advantage Latex Free External Catheter. Another type of external catheter that is very popular is the Texas Catheter. The Texas Catheter is very soft and flexible, offering a high degree of comfort for men. Some examples of Texas Catheters include the Rusch Texas Catheter or the Kendall Texas Catheter.

Bard Dispoz-A-Bag Urine Leg Bag

A tube attached to the external catheter directs urine to a collection bag. These urine bags are often strapped to the upper part of the leg and are therefore are often referred to as urine leg bags. A vinyl best-selling leg bag is the Bard Dispoz-a-Bag. The Dispoz-a-Bag comes with many options, including sizes of 9, 19 and 32 ounce capacity, bottom cap, Flip-Flo valve, drainage tube, extension tube, latex leg straps, fabric leg straps and even a Bonus Pack selection. Prices start at $3.43. A new leg bag holder is available for securing leg bags to the upper thigh that are very secure. This leg bag holder is called the Spandex Leg Bag Holder by Bard. Some men prefer the security of the Spandex over leg bag straps, particularly for highly active men engaged in sports activities. At night, when there is less urine flow, the urine is collected in a Bedside Drainage Bag or Bedside Urine Bottle. The bedside urine bottle is washable and reusable saving you money.

Rusch Urine Collection Bag

Male Incontinence Clamps

Incontinence Clamps come is a variety styles but have the same function–control urine flow. Constructed of plastic, foam and sometimes metal, Penile Clamps prevent urine leakage by applying light pressure. These clamps do not require surgery or intrusive chemicals and are external the body. An Incontinence Clamp is placed around the penis, interrupting the flow of urine through the urethra. Pressure is placed on the bottom and top of the penis so that the blood vessels on the sides of the penis are not blocked. The leading incontinence clamp is manufactured by Bard and is called the Cunningham Clamp. It sells for $34.50 each.

Male Drip Collectors or Incontinence Pouch

A male incontinence pouch comes in basically two types. One type is placed on the penis to collect seeping urine into a soft absorbent material. The outer layer is moisture proof keeping Turing from leaking unto your trousers. And example of this type of urine drip collector is the Mentor Male Absorbent Pouch. The second type is similar to the first but also employs a compression device to help cut-off the flow of urine. The ActiCuf Male Dribbling Pouch is the most popular male incontinence pouch on the market and sells for $5.00 each.

Incontinence Briefs or Boxer Shorts

Dignity Mens Boxer Shorts for Male Incontinence

Discreet protection can be found in Incontinence Briefs that look and feel like underwear and are also available in boxer shorts also look and feel like regular boxer shorts. No one would suspect you were wearing a protective garment that can accommodate many types of absorbent pads. The Dignity Men’s Boxer Shorts are available in medium, large and xLarge waist sizes of 34 to 44 inches. Another option is the Uro Concepts Better Pant which is both a re-usable brief and convenient comfortable leg bag holder. For heavy incontinence, the HealthDri Men’s Brief is available in waist sizes 38 to 48 Inches.

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