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Vacuum Devices for ED

Vacuum Devices for EDA vacuum device or penis pump is mainly intended to be used by a person who is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence. It comprises of a constriction band and a pump to which an acrylic cylinder is attached. This cylinder can directly be attached to the penis. The cylinder and the pump create a vacuum which rigidifies the penis. The band can then be used to maintain the condition for a prolonged time.


ED pumps are based on vacuum therapy. When a pump is placed on the penis, a pumping action has to be provided. This can be done manually or automatically if the device is powered by a battery. The pumping action creates a vacuum, and blood easily flows into the penis. This enlarges it and makes it rigid. The constriction ring which is provided with the pump can then be used to maintain this condition for some time. The ring actually prevents the blood from flowing out of the penis, and thus, maintains the erection.

Procedure for Use

  • Attach the pump to the penis. If it is manual, start pumping the device, otherwise, just press the on button.
  • Continue the above step until the penis becomes rigid.
  • When you gain an erection, fix the tension band on the lower end of the penis. If you have problems, use a lubricant to aid you.
  • Detach the pump after the pressure is released.

You can fix the constriction band and maintain the erection for as long as 30 minutes, but this may vary with the manufacturer.

Safety Features

ED pumps do not possess any risks if you us them correctly. Just in case, be sure to buy a pump with a ‘quick release’ button. This way you can prevent injuries which occur if the vacuum is released too slowly.