In Bed Scales and their Types

Basically, an in-bed scale is used for weighing patients that are non-ambulatory and bed-ridden in a comfortable and secure manner. These feature a hydraulic lift scale with long stretchers that are flame retardant. These stretchers are placed beneath the patients and then lifted some inches in order to initiate the weighing process. The locking casters, hydraulic lift apparatus and a modifiable weighing arm in an in-bed scales guarantee convenient access and patient security. Some of these scales include a weight hold feature, and a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator along with the ability to connect with electronic devices leading to EHR/EMR compliance.

Following are the few basic types of in-bed scales:

Heavy Duty Digital Lift Scale Bariatric

Heavy Duty Digital Lift Scale BariatricThe Heavy Duty Digital Lift Scale Bariatric is used in combination with the patient lifts. This bariatric scale can provide you with an accurate reading of a patient’s weight and supports a maximum load of 600 lbs. These are perfect for homecare and hospital use alike.

Detecto Heavy Capacity In Bed Scale

Detecto Heavy Capacity In Bed ScaleThe Detecto Heavy Capacity In Bed Scale is ideal for weighing patients that are bed ridden. The apparatus of this scale is designed for quick and accurate weighing with a capacity to support 500 lbs at maximum.

Detecto Mechanical Patient Lift Scale

Detecto Mechanical Patient Lift ScaleThe Detecto Mechanical Patient Lift Scale is designed for installation in the patient lift boom and slinging process. This all-purpose utility scale is ruggedly built for bulk weighing and other various purposes. The housing of this lift scale is comprised of cast iron, which means that it is durable enough to support up to 400 lbs of weight at once.

Invacare Jasmine Digital Lift Scale

Invacare Jasmine Digital Lift ScaleThe Invacare Jasmine Digital Lift Scale is designed for use in combination with the Jasmine lifts, and provides accurate and fast readings and is rather easy to operate. This digital scale is suitable for lifting a maximum weight of 700 lbs and can be used for weighing patients during their daily transfers.

Medipore Tape and Cloth Dressing

It is important to look after an incision after a surgery. Medical experts typically use stitches, tape strips, tissue glue, or staples to close wounds and cuts. They ensure a patient’s quick recovery by using appropriate dressing material. A majority of healthcare experts prefer to use high-quality medical tape as a dressing cover. This helps them to avoid different skin infections.

Medipore Tape and Cloth DressingA dressing is a prerequisite for a wound as it helps rapid healing and prevents it from further infections. Much different from a standard bandage, it directly covers the wound. Medipore dressing is particularly designed to completely close the wound so as to speed up the clotting activity. This dressing cover has replaced previous dressing materials, particularly cloth. Medipore medical products ensure that wound healing and repairing becomes a painless process for an individual. It reduces chances of scar formation and expedites healing activity.

Medipore tape has significantly improved a standard surgical tape. Due to its extra gentleness, this soft tape is especially used on delicate skins. It is a perfect medical tape for old patients having thin and sensitive skins. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, this tape is commonly used for challenging wounds. Due to presence of small-sized pores, the skin can easily breathe underneath Medipore tape which supports rapid healing of wounds.

Medipore tape and dressing products prevent wounds from various complications and infections. They significantly consider an individual’s comfort and ensure that the skin doesn’t become broken or irritated. These products can cover and treat wounds of different sizes.

Medipore dressing is designed to control the skin’s moisture content at appropriate levels. It ensures that a wound does not get excessively dry or moist. It also promotes quick healing by maintaining temperature and pH of the skin. Besides being breathable and sterile, Medipore tape and dressing favor proper healing of wounds. These medical products protect a patient from scarring and infections.

AirLife Incentive Spirometer

Incentive spirometers are special medical devices that are designed for people who want to improve the working of their lungs. Most healthcare experts recommend this medical apparatus to individuals whose lungs do not function properly. It is also ideal for patients who intend to recover from any kind of rib injury. By using a spirometer, such patients can prevent the development of fluids in their lungs. This device is particularly useful for people who like to play wind instruments as it gives them an opportunity to enhance their airflow.

AirLife Incentive SpirometerAirLife incentive spirometer is disposable medical equipment that can help you perform breathing exercises and determine volume flow. If you have had cardiac or any other type of surgery lately, then you may need to use an AirLife spirometer to improve your respiratory function. These spirometers are made of latex-free and sturdy plastic material. You can easily measure volume flow as these incentive spirometers have dual-sided calibrations. It has a flow indicator dial that shows your flow rate in ml/second.

In order to use a spirometer, you should sit as straight as you possibly can. Hold your spirometry device straight or place it on a table. Keep your lips around its mouthpiece and breathe out as you normally do. Breathe in gradually and lift the blue piston. Remove the spirometer’s mouthpiece only when you can’t breathe in anymore. You should hold your breath for as long as your doctor suggests.

AirLife spirometer allows you to constantly monitor your progress so that you can easily follow the prescribed medical treatment. It helps you perform breathing therapies and prevents breathing complications. AirLife incentive spirometer is an easy-to-use medical device. It is important to perform breathing exercises as regularly as your doctor prescribes. This helps you avoid medical problems like pneumonia. Never share your AirLife spirometer with other individuals to prevent cross-contamination.

Elastikon Tape

Proper wound care is never complete without useful and versatile medical products. Medical tape is a product that is particularly designed to close wounds and keep bandages in place. These tapes are available in a range of lengths, widths, sizes and types that are able to cope with different bandaging needs. While some tapes are more breathable, others are thick and smooth.

Elastikon Elastic tape is a flexible tape that until recently was manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. Johnson and Johnson’s wound care line was acquired by Systagenix this year. This elastic tape involves natural rubber in its dry form. It can easily be applied to any kind of wound dressing.
Elastikon Tape

Johnson and Johnson closely understands  medical needs for wound dressings. They are a manufacturer of therapeutic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, surgical, and diagnostic products. Elastikon tape helps to exert controlled and continuous pressure on wounds that drain blood, pus, or any other fluid. A majority of health care experts suggest using this tape where wound dressings require pressure as well as elasticity. Elastikon is an ideal medical tape that supports strapping, shoulders, elbows, knees, fractures and muscle injuries.

Johnson and Johnson’s elastic tape is thick and smooth and also allows the skin to breathe. Its porous structure helps the skin maintain adequate levels of moisture and supports rapid wound healing. It involves bi-directional elasticity that offers great comfort and peace of mind to a person. Exceptional adhesion, incomparable strength, and absorbent material; Elastikon has the perfect elements to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. It can be easily used on body parts where other tapes cannot possibly reach. For instance, you can conveniently use this tape on your knees, shoulders, and elbows.

A red line on Elastikon tape allows for uniform pressure and application. You can easily remove this elastic tape because of its rubber-based adhesive. Elastikon provides gentle support, compression, and comfort to an individual.

Allevyn Wound Care

Wound care and healing are methodical, chemical and biological processes that require useful medical products along with extreme care. Since there are multiple kinds of wounds where each has its individual characteristics, dressing selection becomes a great medical challenge.

While some wounds are deep and require acute medical attention, others are superficial and can be maintained by simple dressing. Wound healing becomes much easier with effective dressing and medical care.

Allevyn Foam Dressing

It can be a challenging task to dress and heal chronic wounds. These wounds have to be properly dressed and covered since they produce exudates and are prone to be infected. Caring for chronic wounds gets easier with Allevyn wound healing dressings. Allevyn wound care dressings are made of highly absorbent foam and can cater to a variety of wounds.

Allevyn adhesive dressing has a special coating of a low-allergy adhesive material that adheres to the skin without damaging the wound. It completely absorbs the thick and sticky exudate released by the wound in polyurethane foam. By doing so, it prevents the skin from irritation and allergy. Allevyn foam dressing is greatly recommended by medical experts as it ensures minimal pain, utmost comfort and good wound closure.

Allevyn wound care products come in adhesive and non-adherent forms. The adhesive version ensures effective fixation. Due to their tapered structure and thin edges, they create an appropriate healing environment that provides rapid wound closure. Furthermore, the outer layer of the Allevyn wound dressing is quite breathable and helps conserve necessary moisture within its microscopic structure.

Allevyn dressing creates an efficient wound environment that expedites the healing process. Above all, a patient doesn’t need regular dressing changes as its liquid management system prevents development of bacteria. Since they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are able to prevent medical complications and promote rapid wound healing.


Kendall Brand

Covidien has earned significant fame for its medical supplies and equipment. It creates and promotes a wide range of medical products, including wound care, nursing care supplies, monitoring products, incontinence supplies, and urological care products.

Kendall is one of its reputed industry brands and has become a leading manufacturer of clinical and medical products. The Kendall Brand is a reliable producer and distributor of disposable medical devices and supplies.

Kendall Covidien

Kendall products are extensively used in diverse clinical settings such as health care facilities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, caregivers, rehabilitation centers, and homes, all over the world. Covidien Kendall has significantly expanded its range of medical offerings. At present, a great number of healthcare experts prefer using its products and devices in almost all areas of hospitals and healthcare settings. The following list includes a few commonly used Kendall products:

  • Energy devices, such as electrosurgical products and ablation products.
  • Safety products, such as syringes, needles, and other disposable products.
  • Monitoring devices, including monitors, temperature management devices, and sensors.
  • Ventilation devices, including breathing systems, airway products, and ventilators.
  • Surgical products, such as thermometry products, chart paper, operating room devices and accessories, and electrodes.

There are various classes of Kendall products. For instance, Kendall curity products include urinary leg bags, gauze sponges, varied cleaners, nasogastric feeding tubes, cotton rolls, dressing tape and dressing pads. Most of these items are based on special absorbent technology that ensures great comfort, rapid healing, and healthy recovery. On the other hand, Kendall TED hose supplies are designed for patients who suffer from venous thrombosis.

Catheters, urinary leg bags, and bedside drainage bags are included in Kendall Dover products. The Kendall Brand is trusted by healthcare experts, physicians, and patients for its high-quality products and reliable services. It enjoys a prominent position in the medical industry. Covidien Kendall is widely recognized for its efficient and high-tech manufacturing operations.




Plastic Urinals for Males

A urinal is a plastic bottle that is particularly designed for urination purposes. Patients who experience serious health issues and are not able to get out of their beds usually need a plastic urinal. Because of a male urinal, patients who cannot move their arms freely  can urinate independently without needing any help.

Male Urinal

One of the greatest advantages of using a plastic urinal is that it is portable and stain resistant. It offers great convenience to a patient as it can easily be cleaned and washed. Such urinals are exclusively designed to facilitate male patients. They are usually available in a variety of sizes and capacities that enable you to choose a plastic urinal according to your own needs.

A disposable urinal bedpan is commonly made of latex-free and transparent polyethylene. It includes a wide base, small neck and vertical stance. Due to its small neck, both the patient and caregiver can easily handle the bottle. On the other hand, these plastic urinals have smooth and round edges that offer great comfort to the patient. Their transparent lids make them resistant to leaks. Their lids not only reduce odors, but also prevent spilling.

A male plastic urinal is commonly used by male patients since their anatomy supports its usage. Though female urinals are available in the market, they are a little difficult to handle. Male plastic urinals typically have convenient handles that you can easily grip. These urinals can ideally be used in health care facilities and hospitals since they can be effortlessly hung on bed rails of any size or style.

A male plastic urinal is lightweight and easy on the pocket. It is marked with clearly visible graduations that ensure accurate volume measurement. These transparent urinals allow efficient visualization of urine color and content. Disposable male urinals are practical products that can help you enjoy a  healthier lifestyle.