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Bariatric Supplies – Find Your Size

Obesity is a problem for many people, many times due to an illness or injury that makes it impossible to get the exercise that they need. Obesity in and of itself is a problem, but finding the everyday items that make life bearable is also a bigger difficulty for many. Here are some of the common items that people who are obese find that they need.

Drive 22 Inch Sentra Bariatric Full Reclining Dual Axle Wheelchair

Big John Toilet Seat Co Big John Bariatric Toilet Seat with open front

  • Bathroom Items – Another item that obese people might require is specialized bathroom items. Whether they require a commode that suits their size or they simply need a larger toilet seat, finding a commode or a toilet seat that will comfortably hold them can be difficult, but one of the most popular items that obese people find to be comfortable is the Big John Bariatric Toilet Seat with open front which is made to fit either elongated or round toilets.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Transfer Shower Bath Bench by Drive

  • Shower Seats – The third thing that obese people might have need of is a shower seat so that they are able to sit down while they are in the shower. These are created to comfortably hold someone who is heavier and  to allow them to shower safely. One of the most popular shower seats is the Heavy Duty Bariatric Transfer Shower Bath Bench by Drive, which holds up to 500 pounds.

If you are obese because of an illness or injury, chances are that you are embarrassed shopping for medical items like these at a regular store. The Internet is a great place to shop for bariatric items because it protects your privacy and lets you shop from your own home in peace.