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Who Provides Innovative Mobility Aids? — Stander!

Safety Living Aids for Happy Families

Aging adults have a variety of different concerns than the rest of the population. As our population continues to age, many individuals are interested in how they can improve the quality of their life while still maintaining their independence. To satisfy these needs, many organizations are beginning to strive to produce products and services attractive to seniors.

Stander manufactures some of the best and most innovative care safety products for seniors. They keep working on new ways to make life easier for older people who want to stay in their own homes and for the people who care about them. Their products help people stay safe in the bathroom, get in and out of the car more easily, and use walkers more advantageously.

Standers Curve Grab Bar

They don’t create and market products only for seniors. For example, they’ve just come out with toddler bed rails to keep the little ones safe. They are customer-oriented and very often use a customer’s suggestion to create a new product. The one word that defines them best: innovative.

Following are some of the products they produce and market listed by category with links to more information:

Bathroom Safety Products

  1. Security Pole
  2. Curve Grab Bar

Safety Bed Rails

  1. EZ Adjust Bed Rail
  2. Standers 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail

  3. 30” Safety Bed Rail
  4. Bed Rail Advantage
  5. Children’s Bed Rail and Sports Pouch
  6. Bed Cane
  7. Bed Caddie

Couch and Chair Safety

  1. Assist-a-Tray
  2. Couch Cane
  3. Standers CouchCane

  4. Lever Extender
  5. Recliner Riser
  6. Mr. Big Chair
  7. Furniture Riser

Vehicle Related

  1. Car Caddie


  1. Metro Walker
  2. Standers Metro Walker 4100

With these products, many seniors are able to not only extend the amount of time that they are capable of living independently, but they dramatically improve the quality of their life.

Stander only sells through retailers, and Vitality Medical offers their products in their online Mobility Aids catalog, Bed Assit Rails catalog, and their Daily Living Aids Catalog. To order, simply go to the Vitality Medical website and choose the product you want. If we don’t happen to have it in stock, we’ll track it down for you and deliver it to your door.

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