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Coflex for Pets

Coflex is an economically priced, strong bandage wrapping tape manufactured by Andover, used for inducing lightweight compression. The wrap’s superior flexibility allows it to be used multiple times in medical bandaging and wrapping procedures.

Since Coflex is a non-adhesive bandage, i.e. it sticks to itself rather than sticking onto the skin or hair, it also allows active circulation of the blood provides air to the affected area. Also, Coflex bandages are available in all sorts of sizes, colors, and prints.

Because these bandages do not stick to skin, hair or fur; Coflex bandage can be safely used as a pet bandage for almost all types of pets.

Coflex Applications in Pets

COFLEX NL Bandage Wrap Latex FreeCoflex bandage is used for the following purposes in pets:

  • Affixing tape for various surgical equipment including monitors
  • Post-operative vascular wrap
  • Support wrap for wrapping dog ears, horses’ legs, etc.
  • Holding IVs in place
  • Compression bandage for inhibiting bleeding
  • Promoting healing and circulation

Following are the few types of Coflex bandages used for providing pets with maximum comfort:

COFLEX Latex Free Bandage Wrap

COFLEX Tape Bandage WrapWith a tensile strength of 19 lbs, the Coflex NL Bandage Wrap Latex Free is comfortable, soft and does not shrink on the patient or on the roll. Some Coflex is designed for easy hand-tearing, leading to a quick application. When it’s time to remove the bandage, all you have to do is cut or tear it away with scissors without unwrapping it.

COFLEX Tape Bandage Wrap

The porosity provided by this bandage wrap tape is quite excellent along with being durable. Coflex Tape Bandage Wrap provides a tensile strength of 8 pounds which means that it can act as the prefect pressure wrap. These tapes come in sizes ranging from 1 to 6 inches in width. As with any other Coflex bandage, the tape bandage wrap can also be removed by using a scissor without the need for unwrapping.

Coflex provides a huge range of bandages that can be used for various purposes in animal health thus, allowing you to choose from the best in pet bandages.