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What is uterine Prolapse? How Can it be Treated Non Surgically?

There is a problem that some women have that can cause a lot of problem with them and their health, and that is a prolapsed uterus.   The uterus is where a baby develops when a woman is pregnant, and the condition of a prolapsed uterus can be caused by several things – age, bearing more than one child, obesity, and excess weight lifting.

A prolapsed uterus is a problem where the uterus collapses into her vaginal canal.  There are four degrees of prolapsed uterus that can occur:

  • In the first degree, the woman’s cervix drops into her vagina
  • In the second degree, the woman’s cervix sticks to the vaginal opening
  • In the third degree, the woman’s cervix comes outside of her vagina
  • In the fourth degree, the whole uterus is outside of the woman’s vagina.  This is something called procidentia, and it’s caused by the supporting muscles being weak.

Not every woman knows that she has a prolapsed uterus, although there are some symptoms that she may experience that can tell her that it has happened to her.  One or more of the symptoms below can be a sign of a prolapsed uterus.

  • A feeling of pressure or fullness in the pelvis – some women feel as if they’re sitting upon a ball that is small
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • The sensation that something is coming from the vagina
  • Sexual intercourse that is painful
  • Having trouble with bowel movements and urination
  • Trouble with walking

If a woman has any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to see a doctor.  A prolapsed uterus can be treated through different avenues, one of which is surgery, but there are also other options.

  • Pessary – The first way that it can be treated is by wearing something called  a pessary in the vaginal canal. This is something that has to be fitted to the woman and can be either temporary or permanent.


  • Kegel Exercises – These are exercises that a woman can use to strengthen her muscles. They are done by tightening the pelvic muscles, like she does to stop a urine flow. More information can be gotten from a gynecologist.
  • Medications – Estrogen cream, rings, or ovules which are put into the vagina helps to restore the vitality and strength of the vaginal tissues but this is only an option for certain woman who have gone through menopause.

Even though a prolapsed uterus can cause a lot of problems, it can be fixed and a woman can expect that her life will continue as normal.