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Maternity Pantyhose

When a woman is going through her pregnancy, it can be a difficult time. Apart from having to completely change her lifestyle, her body is constantly changing with her and so are her clothes. As the body grows to accommodate the growing child, the mother will find it more and more difficult to wear what she used to wear. Shopping for clothes almost every month will become the norm and most women often realize that there is a rather large shortage among clothes for expectant mothers.

Maternity Pantyhose 1Although, most women do prefer to buy maternity clothing similar to what they used to wear, there comes a point when the body becomes too bulky to fit inside a pair of jeans comfortably. One fail safe option is to wear large dresses, skirts, frocks and other forms of loose clothing and women usually prefer to wear tights or pantyhose under them. Unfortunately, with the body changing to accommodate the baby, normal tights or pantyhose don’t always make the cut and this is where maternity compression pantyhose comes in the picture.

Maternity Pantyhose 2Maternity pantyhose are made from the same material as other regular pantyhose. The only differentiating factor comes in the form of an additional stretchable material near the front that stretches to accommodate the growing belly. Normal pantyhose are not made to be so accommodating and while flattering on the legs, they tend to be irksome by either rolling down, being too loose, or pressing hard on the stomach and causing discomfort to the wearer.

Apart from being graciously accommodating, maternity pantyhose are also designed to provide compression for the legs which aids in improving the blood circulation of the body by adding pressure on particular areas in the lower body. This targeted compression greatly reduces the chances of swelling in the feet and any unwanted pain; two conditions that are very common for expectant mothers to bear throughout their pregnancies. Maternity Pantyhose is an ideal swelling during pregnancy treatment.