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Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know that research has proven that one out of seven men below the age of 50 and two out of every eight men above the age of 50 are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction annually? Based on this fact, there was a recorded increase in the demand by consumers for penis pumps for erectile dysfunction.

In a situation where a man suffering from erectile dysfunction did not respond to medications and penile implant surgery is out of the question, the only option left for him is to use any of the various types of penis pumps available in the market today. Even physicians recommend these pumps, since they are better options for most than an invasive chemical or taking the risk of undergoing any type of penile surgery.

One good thing about the penis pump is that you have options. You can get manually operated pumps or you can choose to go for the ones that are powered by batteries. One of the known types of penis pumps is the Encore Deluxe device. One good thing about this particular device is that it comes both in manual and battery options.

It is designed to help you achieve restoration of your sexual performance after erectile dysfunction and has been confirmed to be effective in the treatment of impotence in several men. This device is affordable and safer than chemicals and surgical procedures to handle cases of erectile dysfunction.

According to the American Urological Affiliation, the use of penis pumps has been confirmed to be very effective where the use of drugs has failed. This brings us to the Encore Impo Aid, another vacuum erection device that has been confirmed through reviews by several patients to be effective in the treatment of impotency. It also aids to a great extent in the restoration of a man’s sexual abilities that dwindled as a result of erectile dysfunction.

Another type of penis pumps for erectile dysfunction is the Osbon ErecAid Classic. This particular penis pump comes in a kit with lubricant and tension rings. It has been confirmed to be non-invasive and is used manually to achieve erection prior to sexual intercourse. Studies have confirmed that it has up to 90% efficacy level in the restoration of sexual functions in most of the men that used the device.

The last but not the least is the Bos2000-2 penis pump. This battery operated vacuum erectile dysfunction pump is a unique technological invention in the area of bringing succor to those men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It has a battery powered vacuum pump that is very easy to use. On pushing the on button, the device goes into a smooth and steady pumping action which gives the user a full erection within a short period.