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What is a Gait Trainer?

A gait trainer is equipment used in physical therapy to help a person learn how to walk efficiently and safely. It is also used for people who suffered from physical disabilities to relearn walking as part of their gait training.

The Gait Training is the manner that a person walks or run properly. If the gait is not normal, often, the person has difficulty in moving safely. There is also the risk of having injuries from falls and recurring stress damage.

Generally, the Gait Trainer comes in wheels and frames. It has a base and the frames extend up to the middle (or lower) torso. The person using the rolling walkers—another of its terms— will have assistance from the equipment’s handles, supporting harness or grips, in practicing to stand up straight.

Other Users of Gait Trainers

A baby that is eager to walk or learning how to walk can take advantage of the rolling walker as part of the baby’s gait training. Mostly however, those rollators are used for people who may need to re-train their gait after an injury or to children who have not tried walking yet due to physical disabilities. Children who are diagnosed with the following disorders may have impaired their mobility:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Congenital deformities affecting the walking ability in childhood, and which are difficult or impossible to remedy in adulthood.
  • Muscular dystrophy

How Do Gait Trainers Function?

A gait trainer is similar to a Walker. Hence, a few of its monikers include rollator or rollator walker. But, instead of legs, the rolling walkers have wheels, so the patient using them does not require assistance such as lifting or setting down. Also, because it has wheels, support and handles, the patient can practice walking naturally by propelling herself or himself forward using motions similar to a person who walks without assistance.