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Sports Tape Comparison

Injuries can occur anywhere and anytime regardless of how careful a person is whilst moving around. This is especially true for individuals involved in sports. An unexpected injury can slow you down and force you to miss out on important events. Fortunately, a sports tape can allow you to prevent and treat numerous common injuries like shin splints, tennis elbow, knee pain, etc. This physical therapy tape is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, differing in accordance to the needs of the user.

Following are the few types of sports tapes that can be used for treating/preventing various injuries.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio TapeKinesio tape is used as a facilitator for muscles, providing support to the natural process of healing within the human body. This athletic tape allows muscle support while maintaining natural movement and normal circulation, something that conventional sport taping does not provide.

Apart from generic muscle support, the Kinesio Tape is also used for treating lymphedema, back strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains, chronic swelling, herniated discs, back pain, knee conditions, groin or hamstring injuries, subluxations, shoulder conditions, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and much more. Also, the Kinesio tape can be used for treating common maladies as well, e.g. stiff muscles and headaches.

Leukotape P Sports Tape

Leukotape P Sports TapeLeukotape P Sports Tape is an adhesive tape with a rayon back that includes an adhesive with exceptionally high levels of zinc oxide. When combined with a tape’s high tensile strength, this athletic tape is perfect for shoulder taping and patellofemoral taping techniques, i.e. the correction of patellar position. This type of sports tape is also great for dealing with shoulder problems as it aids in realigning structures related to the shoulder. This can be done through the retraining and taping of muscles within the arm. The adhesive in the Leukotape P Sports Tape comprises of a natural dry rubber, allowing the tape to be used with a stretch bandage.

Physio Tape

Physio TapeThe Physio Tape provides stability and support to the muscles and joints without affecting the range of motion and circulation. Compared to conventional sports taping, physio tape allows numerous uses staring from the management of pain to treating carpal tunnel syndrome and Edema, acting as the ideal muscle facilitator. Without hampering fluid flow or muscle movement, Physio tape supports the natural functions of your muscles in order to treat an assortment of ailments similar to the Kinesio tape, providing overall support to your muscles. Also, this physical therapy tape helps control lymph flows and venous circulation and the body temperature as well (the failure of which can lead to the generation of various unpleasant symptoms).

With so many options to choose from, you can easily prevent or treat injuries using the right sports tape.


Why Kinesio Tape?

Injuries from sports are something that has plagued athletes for centuries. A common treatment for injuries is to wrap them, constrict them, or wear a brace. Kinesiology Tape was designed to compliment, or in some cases, bypass traditional treatments that can hinder performance.

Kinesio tape has quickly become a favorite athletic tape of physical therapists and professional athletes. Kinesio Tex is a tool for optimal muscular performance, while protecting the muscles from new or further injury.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape Colored Rolls

Kinesiology taping lifts the skin and creates a different type of circulation that is specific to Sports Tapes. It is these circulation benefits that foster healing and protects weak areas. The color variety that is uniquely kinesio is a vibrant distraction from what is, technically, a medical product.

Typical injury taping restricts motion and inhibits athletic activities. All of the colors of Kinesio Sports Tape stretch and conform to the muscle in such a way that it assists the muscles natural resiliency, so that it can recover its natural functionality. With Kinesio athletic tape injury prevention becomes a tool for athletic success, rather than a burden on the athlete.

Kinesio Strips

Pre-Cut Strips of Kinesio Tape

You can purchase pre-cut strips designed for specific purposes or a full roll of your favorite color. There are extensive taping manuals that discuss each application. Shoulders, Knees, the back, and other major muscle groups can be protected, even rejuvenated, with a strategic placing of kinesio tape.

Kinesio tex gold tape is typically used in a clinical setting. Kinesio tex tape has a classic design that is ideal for sports medicine. These tapes can be applied once and left on for up to five days, so adjusting and re-taping is not an issue. Kinesio tex is the tape that athletes wear days after the big game.

Bring Leukotape and Surgilube to your next Marathon

The stresses and aches that one must endure to cross a finish line 26.2 miles away from where you started can often prevent you from ever reaching it. The elusive goal is only crossed after a grueling struggle between body and mind; logic and determination. It is estimated that less than one percent of the population will ever run a marathon. Understanding the punishing nature of the marathon, it is not hard to see why.

At VitalityMedical.com we think you can do it. In fact, we’re here to help-by offering products that can help keep your eyes on the trail and your mind focused. Sometimes the difference between finishing and disappointment can be small. That is where we come in.

One of the most problematic ailments to a runner is the blistering of heals and toes. Along with wearing shoes that fit you comfortably, a quality lubrication can do wonders for your feet. Surgilube by Fougera is a lubricating jelly that does not irritate skin. For best results simply apply the Surgilube to your heels, toes, and any other part of the foot that may cause discomfort. Doing this creates a thin barrier and decreases the amount of friction that can cause pain and blisters.

Another great product that Vitality Medical offers is Luekotape by BSN. Leukotape P Sports Tape is a rayon-backed adhesive tape that can help with a number of issues, such as Plantar Fasciitis and ankle sprains. While you are recovering from an ankle sprain, your lateral ligaments are tender and don’t offer the stability needed to protect your subtalar joint. This is where BSN’s Leukotape P can help. By taping the foot in a position that helps your heel stay in place, or “locked,” you can run with the extra support that your ligaments need.

Leukotape can also help with Plantar Fasciitis. When the plantar fascia is inflamed, the more room it has to contract the more you feel it. By using a compressing sports tape for support, you can help prevent additional discomfort by taping the arch so that it is secured to the rest of the foot.

While preparing for your marathon you can also bring a roll of Leukotape P Sports Tape along for the run. The moment you feel a hot spot developing on your foot, stop and apply the tape as a layer of protection. Put it on tight and smooth so as not to add bulk or cause additional friction. This will keep the blister from getting worse. Leukotape is great to prevent and help with blisters.

Other athletic tape options can be found at Sports Tape. For 11 years VitalityMedical has been a leader in the Medical Supply industry. Whether it’s helping you finish your marathon and reach your goals, or helping you get back on your feet after an accident, Vitality Medical is here to help.