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Baby Formula Choices

When a baby starts to become a toddler, most parents realize that they must switch and supplement solid food in the baby’s diet in some way to provide better nutrition. Although milk is always good for a growing child, feeding the baby formula along with the milk helps to ensure that the little baby is receiving enough nutrition to become a healthy toddler.

Baby Formula ChoicesA baby’s diet greatly affects its development rate and in many cases can have a deciding factor on how they have turned out to be. A poor diet can stunt and damage the growth of a child so when choosing a formula, care must be taken to ensure that the baby will have as much nutrition as it was receiving from the mother’s milk.

With so many choices available in the market, it is easy to get lost while surfing among the stacks and stacks of baby food formula so narrow down the choices, here are a few baby food formulas to help you choose one:


A product of Nestle, the Enfamil baby formula was made with the thought of providing all the nutrients that the child had formerly benefited from through breast milk. With attention to important components that aid the development of the baby including his immune system, his motor and social skills.

Similac Sensitive

Another great favorite among parents on a global scale is the Similac Sensitive. Similac is a baby formula mix which provides babies with the extra immunity required by their sensitive stomachs to digest and process food. The Similac Sensitive line also caters to problems like gas and vomiting that is a rather frequent ailment of babies when they are being weaned off of milk and being introduced to solid food.


With a diet designed solely to cater to babies, PEPTAMEN has produced a diet based on the peptide content which meets the requirements on even the most difficult-to-feed babies. The products are renowned by clinicians for their ability to encourage absorption, tolerance and utilization of nitrogen and the ability to successfully equip the baby with all the necessary dietary means to combat stress and mal-absorption of fat.

Unfortunately, more and more parents are turning towards cheaper alternatives which are friendly on the pocket but may fail to deliver on their excellent dietary promise for the baby’s health. Fortunately, Nestle offers more pocket friendly baby formulas as well such as Boost Kids Essential and Nutren Junior.


Bed Wetting Help

 All little boys and girls have gone through this stage, which is why bed wetting is not something new. Nocturnal Enuresis which is more commonly known as bed wetting is involuntary urination while in deep sleep. Although almost everyone outgrows this as they get older since the bladder capacity eventually becomes bigger as they grow, it could still be a big headache for parents during this stage. However, they don’t need to worry since there are some behavioral treatments done so that children can stop bedwetting as soon as possible.

Some of the methods done are:

  • Night Lift. One of the most popular Bed Wetting Solutions is night lifting. This involves waking your child several times during the night to let him urinate and then returning him to bed to continue his sleep. It may be a little hard at first since kids seem to still be asleep even while walking to the bathroom. But eventually, the child will learn to wake up during the night to urinate which will also help keep his bed dry.
  • Bed Wetting Alarm. This is considered as the most effective way to treat nocturnal enuresis. This method still involves waking the child, but compared to the night lift, it is not the parent who wakes the child but the Alarms for Bed Wetting. A clip sensor is attached to the bed clothing. The alarm will sound when it detects that the child has urinated. Once the alarm, is off the child will wake up and go to the bathroom to urinate. Just like the first method, this will also train the child to get up when he or she feels like urinating.

If the methods above still don’t work then it is usually best to go see a doctor and check what other alternatives and Bed Wetting Help they can provide.