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Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual Pump

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is no more a non-curable disease. There are many ways in which patients suffering from this condition can be treated. The treatment methods are numerous from drugs to surgery to medications. The most effective of these are probably pumps because they have no side effects.

Though many penis pump manufacturers are available, the most effective products are those of Pos–T–Vac.

Pos – T – Vac Manual Pump

Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual PumpThe Pos – T–Vac manual penile pump is simple to operate and is very effective in treating impotence. The patient just has to pump and blood flow is then increased in the penis. Once erection has been achieved, it can be maintained for about 30 minutes with the help of a tension ring.

The most notable advantages of this penile pump are its affordability, efficiency and ease of use. The pump can also be upgraded to an advanced battery operated ED pump or combination pump by switching the battery head. A combination pump provides both manual and battery pumping action.

Pos – T – Vac Battery ED Pump

Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual Pump 2The Pos –T–Vac ED pump is more advanced than the manual pump in the sense that it is operated by a battery. By just pressing a simple ON/OFF button, the system starts operating and the motor provides a smooth pumping action. This creates a vacuum, which leads to erection.

The pros of the ED pump are increased efficiency and comfort. However, the prices are also slightly higher.

Erec Tech Pump

Pos-T-Vac Battery or Manual Pump 3The Erec Tech pump is the most advanced product offered by Pos – T – Vac.  The penis has to be placed inside the Erec Tech which forces a blood flow in it. This causes the penis to become rigid and the condition can be maintained by fixing a tension ring at the base.