Penis Pump Questions and Answers

Penis pumps are one of the least invasive treatments for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are preferable to medications for many patients.

How Do I Use a Penis Pump?

Vacuum erection devices come in different varieties and they will work different ways. The two styles of penile pumps are manually or battery operated. A battery operated pump doesn’t require any manual operation. The manually operated vacuum erection pump will require a continuous pumping motion. If you cannot decide between the two options there are a few manufacturers that make a combo kit.

encore deluxe manual and battery operated device

Encore Deluxe Combo Kit

Both styles of erection pump are going to have a loading cone that attaches to assist with the loading of a tension ring. Once an erection is achieved, you will place the loading cone on the end of the cylinder and use that to slide the tension band on and down the shaft of the cylinder. When you remove the cylinder, the tension band will stay in place.

Does it Hurt?

It should never hurt to use a penis pump. However, it is possible for the skin around the area of suction to be tender. To avoid this, use a body shield. These come with some of the penile pumps, but if they don’t you can purchase them separately as well. A body shield ensures that only the penis receives suction.

encore body shield

Body Shield

The only other issue you may encounter is cylinder size. If the cylinder is too tight, that will be uncomfortable. Oversized cylinders are designed to be compatible with certain brands of penis pumps. If you need one, be sure to select the oversized cylinder that is compatible with the brand of pump you choose.

Will it Fix the Problem?

Impotence is caused by a variety of factors that could be diabetes, surgery, prostate cancer, injury and more. A vacuum erection device will is a temporary impotence treatment, but it will not improve erections over time, because it cannot treat the initial cause for the impotence.

Will it Cause Growth?

Vacuum erection pumps for erectile dysfunction treatment do not cause growth. Pumps have been marketed for these purposes, but they are a different product and the effectiveness of them is unknown.

Do I Need Anything Else for These to Work?

You will need lubricant to create the seal between the skin and the cylinder. A water based lubricant is recommended over a petroleum based lubricant for an ideal seal. Also, to maintain an erection after using the penis pump, you would use a tension band. These come with most erection pumps, but they can also be purchased separately.


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